Office Evolution offers ‘One Stop Shop’ for entrepreneurs and business people

EAST BRUNSWICK – Post-pandemic, businesses and communities are hailing the return to normal after years of lockdowns and restrictions. But for many people, the shift to remote work has brought new challenges. As hybrid schedules replace traditional commutes and face-to-face meetings, many office businesses struggle to balance overhead and employee cohesion.

For George and Karen Fisher, co-owners of Office Evolution in East Brunswick, the efficiency of the modern workplace was a topic of interest back in 2017. Long before the pandemic, they were keen to open up a work environment geared towards flexibility.

East Brunswick office development – ​​1 Tower Center Boulevard.

“This business was launched in the summer of 2017 when Karen attended a franchise presentation. The idea of ​​owning a business has always been a desire, but finding the right business opportunity took time,” said George Fisher.

“This franchise is very attractive to us primarily because of the growing demand for flexible and affordable work; the manageable schedule, the business-to-business model and our desire to help entrepreneurs thrive and contribute to the growth of our community.”

On August 1st, the two officially opened Office Evolution in East Brunswick on the 15th floor of 1 Tower Center Blvd.

According to a press release, Office Evolution is “the largest locally owned and operated flexible workspace provider nationwide” and has a “national network of 74 locally operated business centers in 25 states.”

Due to the location’s proximity to New York City and New Brunswick, the Fishers believe the opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners are endless. They explained that the upgraded workplace offers a range of amenities designed to attract professionals from all industries.

“Our office center is a place where entrepreneurs feel at home, especially when facing the daily challenges of entrepreneurship. Many say entrepreneurship is a lonely endeavor,” said George Fisher. “The personal connections nurtured in our offices offer members the opportunity to leverage a community of colleagues in a meaningful work environment while remaining an independent entrepreneur.

“Certified accountants, lawyers, financial planners, real estate/mortgage banks, IT consultants and many more all use our offices. Our corporate structure offers remote workers an option close to home without sacrificing the conveniences they are accustomed to.

“We strive to grow with our members, so our services range from a business address, coworking desk, private offices and conference rooms for 100 people. All serve the needs of everything from startups to enterprise teams,” he said.The couple said the site is a “one-stop shop” for businesses and entrepreneurs because it offers the services and features needed to thrive in today’s world. With the resurgence of in-person work, they believe their workplace will provide an affordable and flexible alternative for local businesses.

“Shared business centers like ours offer infinite flexibility. Local businesses do not have to make long-term financial commitments and have the freedom to adapt their space requirements to changes in their business on a fairly short-term basis,” said George Fisher. “With inflation skyrocketing, cutting costs is a top priority for businesses. Budget control is easy with a flexible workspace like ours as all costs are transparent and all buildings include: heating and lighting, reception, security, maintenance, refurbishment, renovation and cleaning fees.

“There’s also a single monthly bill for a fixed amount, so there are no unexpected bills for heating and lighting, Wi-Fi or office phone, for ultimate budget control. In addition to controlling day-to-day costs, companies that seat themselves in a business center bypass all of the obligations typically associated with traditional job acquisition methods,” he said.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, Karen Fisher shared how difficult the road to becoming an entrepreneur can be. Ultimately, she hopes to ease some of the struggles related to entrepreneurship in East Brunswick.

George and Karen Fisher.

“We love this area and although we aren’t residents of East Brunswick, we know the neighborhood very well… Karen’s father was an entrepreneur so she understands the difficulties entrepreneurs face and how lonely the street can be. This deal of ours is her way of making that journey smoother by providing a workplace where everyone invests in each other’s success,” said George Fisher.


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