Painting with light brings technology to QUAKE

painting with light, a lighting and multimedia expert, has recently developed and implemented a range of technologies to bring to life a new attraction in Lisbon.

The company worked on state-of-the-art projection mapping, imaginative lighting design and other AV systems to bring the QUAKE experience to life in the Portuguese capital.

The 90-minute walk-through experience takes place in the QUAKE Lisbon Seismological Center, a new facility in the Belém district. Visitors can enjoy a spectacle with a variety of immersive experiences across eleven timed and show-driven scenarios.

Unique recreation

Jora Vision conceived the concept for this unique exhibition, which is both educational and fun, centered on the 1755 earthquake that destroyed much of the city and changed its entire history. In an hour and a half, “Professor Luis” will teach guests about the scientific basis of earthquakes and then take them back to the year 1755 via the “time machine”. There, visitors can feel what an earthquake is like and see how the resulting wave destroyed Lisbon.

From the first concept to the final implementation, the PWL team was responsible for all technical developments of this museum experience. The artistic and technical professionals worked closely together to develop lighting schemes and projector calculations. PWL also included audio and special effects as well as show control to efficiently manage the flow of visitors. Each room has its own audiovisual performance that fuses AV technologies into a unique experience.

make history come alive

The QUAKE experience tells the tragic story of the 1755 earthquake that devastated Lisbon and changed the city forever. Rich detail and historical reconstruction were used to bring the tragic event to life.

Painting with light CEO Luc Peumans says: “Light and sound are crucial elements for an immersive experience that gives visitors the opportunity to relive the moments in the streets of Lisbon in the most realistic and dramatic way possible. This approach beats displays with static text and explanations, making the entire experience far more memorable and engaging.”

Painting with light tremors

The production team followed all historical and scientific principles to ensure the project is educationally relevant and to increase the level of experience with the expertise of local academic experts.

The Painting with Light team seamlessly integrated all lighting and AV technologies to enhance the experience and fully immerse guests in the story and setting. It was crucial to find the right balance between the seriousness and entertainment of the topic in the design.

Peumans adds: “We really enjoyed it Cooperation with Jora Vision, who designed and coordinated the overall project to bring this exciting story to life in a way that breaks through traditional barriers. The result is a spectacular experience that combines the most innovative lighting, projection and AV technologies in a beautifully themed setting. Visitors are not just spectators, they feel part of the story, making it more memorable and engaging.”

QUAKE The Lisbon Earthquake Center opened its doors in April 2022. More information and tickets can be found on the Attraction website.


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