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Art not only inspires, it also completely changes the way we see the world. LG has long understood this and has been committed to improving life through the power of art and technology for many years, a promise embodied by the LG OLED ART project, which celebrates this fusion of technical essence and artistic creativity .

To make Asia’s largest digital art event the next stop on the calendar of this influential project, LG has become the exclusive screen partner of Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong. LG showed and debuted several creative, cutting-edge products that are driving the digital art movement, bringing its leading OLED technology to show various artworks in extreme detail, showing every little brushstroke while explaining how LG combines technical essence with artistic Creativity merges.

LG took this opportunity to engage with the art scene on a deeper level and chose its stunning LG Transparent OLED Display to showcase the eye-catching display MetaSkull Artwork by renowned Chinese artist Jacky Tsai from London, which he and his creative team have perfected over three years. A one-of-a-kind looping video in 4K, this masterpiece features a Metaverse skull that opens a new chapter in art and is set to be auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

With 38 percent display transparency, the stunning perspective design integrates the piece perfectly into the exhibition, with every fine detail of the skull visible through the intense color contrast of LG OLED technology. Visitors and media guests were amazed by the ability of this outstanding technology to harness the power of technology to transform amazing art into stunning art.

The LG OLED Objet Collection was also in attendance to showcase top-notch digital art, including the LG OLED Objet Collection Easel, which, as the name suggests, resembles an elegant art frame and features a movable fabric cover that offers a subtle, modern aesthetic . Also on display was the LG OLED Objet Collection Posé, which debuted in Hong Kong. The sumptuous posé features gently curved edges and a soothing soft beige color that complements the woven fabric ridges at the back to make it aesthetically pleasing from every angle.

Another newcomer in Hong Kong was LG OLED Flex, a groundbreaking TV that breaks away from traditional gaming displays as the world’s first 42-inch freely bendable OLED screen – a true TV history maker.

Alongside the newly launched products, LG also showcased the magnificent works of well-known artist Barry x Ball on its 97-inch LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV, once again demonstrating how LG’s self-illuminating OLED is enabling the ultimate digital canvas for the new generation of artists.

(From left) Henry Chu’s “Flowered World” and “Piano Wind”

In the Collector Showcase Zone, LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TVs showcased two amazing pieces by talented Hong Kong-based artist Henry Chu, who works with data, music and body movement to create the most unique creations. Chu is inspirational piano players NFT excels in vivid color and contrast, which means it requires true-to-life colors that only LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV can produce to reach its full potential.

This exciting collaboration with Digital Art Fair Xperience represents LG’s transformation as a leading advocate for fine arts and reaffirms the brand’s commitment to inspiring art-making through the unique values ​​that LG OLED ART continues to deliver around the globe.


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