Personally, it’s unfair to me that video games are launched during the World Cup

This is a busy time of year to be a games journalist. Here at TheGamer, each editor compiles their own top ten list for GOTY, so you can’t just mumble around while everyone else talks about Signalis – you’re either playing it for yourself or debunking your tastes as terribly mainstream and basic. Not to mention we’ve just had three major Triple-A launches via Pentiment (and a few more on the way), with Midnight Suns, The Callisto Protocol, Need for Speed ​​and High on Life on the way. Don’t these people know the World Cup is on?

The World Cup is a special tournament. For me, football is the most important sport and the World Cup is the most important tournament. In a world where media is becoming safe, stagnant and predictable, sport represents the true power of art – the ability to surprise and make us feel. It’s also the one corner of football where money isn’t king; Qatar hosts the most expensive tournament ever and became the first host in history to lose their opening match. But it’s not just about the best teams showing up for an easy ride. Just ask Germany and Argentina.


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Although there have been more 0-0 draws than we would like, this is already proving to be a very exciting World Cup. I know it’s winter. I know it’s corrupt. I know they take the rainbow hats off the fans. I know it shouldn’t have been there, it should have been in Australia five months ago. I know all this, but they won’t take it from me. This is the beautiful game distilled into its most perfect form, and it happens once every four years. You won’t take it from me.

Jacob Lee faces the camera in The Callisto Protocol.

In the group stage, four games a day is a real feast, but it also fills me up a bit with no room for dessert. Pentiment interests me and I know it’s short, but my time is even shorter. I also have yet to finish God of War Ragnarok, Sonic Frontiers, and Pokemon Scarlet. With so many games coming out so close to the GOTY date, I’ve already had to make some sacrifices. I’ve never been into Dead Space too much so I can skip Callisto. I haven’t enjoyed Need for Speed ​​in a decade. Midnight Sun seemed too long and overly tactical, but our reviewer convinced me to give it a try, so there’s no chance of cramming into Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

It would be hard enough playing all those games anyway, but now my brain is consumed by the World Cup every minute of every day. It has taken over. Historically satirical, critically acclaimed adventure game from Obsidian? Give up, Canada vs Croatia in 15 minutes! Just taking a quick jaunt through this Frontiers island for the weekend? No chance, then Tunisia plays against Australia! Working through the next Titan encounter on Pokemon in the evening? I’m too excited to think about Saudi Arabia vs Poland!

Ouranos Challenge 92

We’re not even out of the groups yet. The positive thing about the knockout games is that they have a bit more time, with small breaks between rounds and only two games a day (and then only one if we’re in the last four). But the anticipation is too great, you just can’t win! Settling down for a quiet Ragnaroking evening the day before England meets the Netherlands in the Round of 16? Have you completely lost the plot mate?!

Here’s my suggestion – all things are canceled until December 19th. No new games. No new films. Time stops moving. Nobody ages. No deaths. No births. Football only. Soccer Soccer Soccer until someone gets their hands on the trophy. Always soccer. We can resume the video games when it’s over.

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