Premieres November 18 on Disney Plus

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  • Disenchanted launches November 18 exclusively on Disney Plus.
  • The sequel follows Amy Adams’ character, Giselle, 15 years after the fairytale musical Enchanted.
  • A subscription to Disney Plus is $8 a month, but ad-free TV will go up $3 in December.

Fantasy musical Disenchanted premieres November 18 exclusively on Disney Plus. The Amy Adams film is a direct sequel to the hit 2007 film Enchanted.

“Disenchanted” picks up 15 years after the end of the first film, in which the fairytale character Giselle (Amy Adams) moved into the real world and started a family. The sequel reveals that Giselle’s “happily ever after” isn’t exactly what she expected, so she moves to the suburban community of Monroeville. Giselle eventually resorts to magic, which inadvertently turns the town into a real fairy tale.

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Oscar-nominated Amy Adams (“Arrival”) reprises her role as Giselle, while Patrick Dempsey (“Grey’s Anatomy”) returns as her husband Robert. Enchanted actors James Marsden (Westworld) and Idina Menzel (Frozen) also return as the new King and Queen of Andalasia.

Recurring cast members are joined by Maya Rudolph (“Saturday Night Live”), Yvette Nicole Brown (“Community”) and Oscar Nunez (“The Office”).

How to Watch Disenchanted

You can watch Disenchanted exclusively on Disney Plus starting November 18th. As a Disney Plus original, you cannot stream the film on other services.

A Disney Plus subscription costs $8 per month and offers ad-free TV, 4K and HDR streaming, and unlimited downloads. However, starting December 8, Disney Plus will increase its ad-free price to $11 per month and add an ad-supported tier for $8 per month.

Disney Plus is compatible with most Smart TVs, Apple and Android mobile devices, Apple TVs, video game consoles, Mac and PC web browsers, Fire TV and Roku products. Check out the full list of supported devices on the Disney Plus website.

Is Disenchanted Worth Watching?

As of November 17th, there are no early reviews for Disenchanted, but we’ll update this section with the film score from Rotten Tomatoes when it becomes available.

The original film, Enchanted, earned a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93% Certified Fresh, indicating widespread critical acclaim. Fans hope the sequel can match the original with a similarly positive reception.

Which characters are returning from ‘Enchanted’?

Disenchanted brings back several key characters from the 2007 musical Enchanted. Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel reprise their roles as Giselle, Robert, King Edward and Queen Nancy, respectively.

Some characters from “Enchanted” have been recast for the sequel. Robert’s daughter Morgan is now played by Gabriella Baldacchino, taking over from Rachel Covey. Disenchanted also casts the voice role of Giselle’s chipmunk friend Pip, with actor Griffin Newman replacing Jeff Bennett and Kevin Lima from the original film.

Where can I stream “Enchanted”?

Some Adams as Giselle in "Enchanted."

Amy Adams as Giselle in Enchanted.

Walt Disney images

If you want to watch the original Enchanted movie before watching the sequel, you can stream it now with a Disney Plus subscription. You can also rent ($4) or buy ($5) Enchanted from digital retailers like Amazon.


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