PUBG Mobile 2.3 Global Version APK Download Link for Android Devices

The PUBG Mobile 2.3 update was made available recently and its arrival has caused a lot of excitement in the title’s player base. The patch introduced many new features, including a themed game mode added in collaboration with renowned Argentine footballer Lionel Messi.

Players can install the latest game version on their smartphone to try out the different extensions that the developers have made available through the respective app store. Android users can also use the APK file, which can be downloaded directly from the game’s official website. If one wants to use the APK to install PUBG Mobile 2.3 update on their device, one should follow the procedures detailed in the section below.

Disclaimer: As PUBG Mobile is banned in India, Indian gamers are advised not to play the game on their smartphones. You are also not allowed to download it under any circumstances due to the circumstances imposed by the government ban.

Step-by-step guide to download PUBG Mobile 2.3 update using APK file

Two different APK files are provided by the developers on the official website (Image via Tencent)
Two different APK files are provided by the developers on the official website (Image via Tencent)

Like most previous updates, the developers released two separate APK files: regular and compact. Here are the direct download links for the same:

Compact design

regular version

Players can choose either variant to download the latest 2.3 update. With the regular APK file, once installed, you can start playing. Meanwhile, if you continue with the small/compact APK, you need to download certain resource packs first.

The steps to download and install the update are given below:

Step 1: To start the process, download one of the two APK files to your device using the links provided above.

The regular variant is 1.09 GB in size, while the smaller version is 542 MB. Before you start downloading, you need to make sure your device has enough storage space.

Here are the sizes of the two different APK files you can use (Image via Opera)
Here are the sizes of the two different APK files you can use (Image via Opera)

Step 2: After the required APK is downloaded, you can enable the “Install from unknown source” setting and install it.

Step 3: After completing the installation process, open the game’s application and log in through the platform linked to your account. New users must create a new one.

If you proceeded with the compact APK, you need to download the resource packs before this step.

Step 4: PUBG Mobile 2.3 update is ready to be enjoyed and you can jump into the themed game mode right away.

If you get an error while installing the APK, you should try reinstalling it. If that doesn’t work, try downloading the file again.

Features of PUBG Mobile 2.3 update

List of features included in the game's new update 2.3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
List of features included in the game’s new update 2.3 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Below are some of the major features that the developers are offering with the latest PUBG Mobile 2.3 update:

  • Football Mania themed mode in collaboration with Lionel Messi
  • Official Aftermath mode (opened December 2, 2022)
  • Events based on Unite for One Goal
  • Weapon changes: NS2000, Kar98K, M24 and AWM
  • New cycle 3 season 9 with animal aiming system
  • New creation system
  • Map changes: Erangel, Livik and Nusa
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

Read the update’s detailed patch notes by visiting this link.

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