Quentin Tarantino reveals the Marvel movie he would make

Filmmaker and writer Quentin Tarantino reveals the Marvel movie he would make – and the character he would choose should come as no surprise.

Quentin Tarantino reveals the one Marvel movie he would make if given the chance. By his own count, Tarantino has now made nine feature films, leaving just one of the ten to be delivered. It’s yet to be seen when or if the filmmaker will fulfill his promise of a tenth film and what that film will be, but for now he seems content to be tackling non-film projects like his recent review book speculation in the cinema.

Whenever Tarantino finally gets around to making his tenth film (if that film ever happens), it’s unlikely he’ll embark on any work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, Tarantino recently specifically said he wouldn’t do a Marvel movie even if asked, since Marvel directors only “employed hands‘ and not true authors. But if an opportunity ever arose for Tarantino to make a Marvel film, and the terms of the deal allowed him to be more than an employee, the director has a project in mind that he’d be happy to take on. During a performance to promote him speculation in the cinema book, Tarantino said the only comic book movie he would make would be an adaptation of Marvel’s Sergeant Fury and his howling commandsa WW2 title starring Nick Fury himself (via diversity).


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This is what Tarantino’s Nick Fury film would look like

The Howling Commandos in the MCU

Of course, Marvel fans know Nick Fury from his portrayal of Samuel L. Jackson in various MCU titles. Captain Marvel to be the outstanding among them. But Nick Fury also has a rich comic book history, a story that includes the bizarrely named Sergeant Fury and his howling commands. First published in 1963, the book follows a young Fury leading a crew of elite soldiers on missions to Europe during World War II. One of the notable features of the title is its racially diverse cast of characters (Fury himself was naturally white in Marvel Comics up until 2000). And the idea of ​​Howling Commandos obviously later found its way to the MCU thanks Captain America: The First Avenger.

Given Tarantino’s clear fondness for Jackson, it’s no surprise that he’s focused on the MCU character played by the actor. But also beyond the Jackson connection, Sergeant Fury and his howling commands just sounds like something Tarantino would be into. In fact, a rough description of the Sergeant Wrath Story could be a summary of Tarantino’s own Inglourious Basterdsthe over-the-top action film about an elite force of Jewish soldiers hunting down Nazis unleashed on the European theater of World War II.

Clearly, with Tarantino at the helm, this Nick Fury film would be nothing like anything else that has ever been shown in the MCU. Ultra Violence would certainly be the name of the game and would push the film to a very un-MCU-like R rating. As for the character of Fury himself, it would be hard to see Jackson actually playing the young WW2 version of him unless some serious deaging technology was employed. Realistically, a Fury recast would likely be on the cards if the film was ever made. But fans who would be mad at a Fury rewrite shouldn’t get too upset like Tarantino’s Sergeant Fury and his howling commands has almost no chance of ever happening.

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Source: Variety

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