Seahawks’ Walker, Bills’ Diggs are among the best bets to score

It’s a good time to think about the things we’re grateful for this week, and our fantasy stars should be no exception. So let’s look at our best bets to score in week 12 of the NFL season.


Back race


Walker has scored in five of the last six games he started in his rookie season, so it’s no surprise he’s the top pick to score this week. He’ll be up against Las Vegas, our fourth-best matchup for opposing RBs, and he’s bringing -275 odds to find the end zone. With an 87% snap count in week 10 before shooting bye, Walker will rarely be on the touchline and he will have plenty of work to do on the goal line.


It didn’t take Wilson long to usurp Raheem Mostert as a starter in Miami, and that’s good news for his owners as Wilson faces our all-time best RBs opposing matchup in the Texans this week. If there are any questions about Wilson’s lead, it has been answered in his use versus Mostert. Wilson played 61% of the snaps in his previous game before the bye, while Mostert only played 28%. Wilson is primed to reach the end zone at least once in this matchup.


The Cardinals’ opponent this week, the Chargers, are covering the pass well — they’re our 10th worst matchup for opposing WRs in Week 12. The Chargers are our 3rd best matchup for opposing RBs this week, so Conner might have little trouble finding ways to Find end zone. He’s scored in his last two games, has had a slew of snaps since returning from injury, and Conner played 77% of the snaps in Week 11 — only four running backs had more snaps. With a -125 odds on a goal, Conner is close to a ban.


wide receiver


Kirk has a career-high seven TDs ahead of Week 12 and he had a hot streak leading up to the Week 11 bye when he posted three TDs in the two games prior. Kirk will look to continue his dynamic play against a Ravens team that is our 12th best WR opposing matchup and, perhaps more importantly, our 3rd worst RB opposing matchup this week. Expect Jacksonville to lean heavily on Kirk, who hit a season-high 12 goals in his previous game.


It seems like a no-brainer that we’d find Diggs here again, as accomplished veteran WR is second only to Davante Adams in receiver TDs. Adams has some hard hitting this week against the Seahawks, our sixth-worst WR matchup. But Diggs meets our absolute best WR matchup, the Lions. Vegas loves Diggs this week based on the matchup as they gave him the best chance to score (-150) of any WR in week 12. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Diggs will cross the goal line.


Ja’Marr Chase suffers from a hip injury day in and day out and it’s doubtful he’ll start this week, so my bet is on Tee Higgins playing a major role against the Titans, our 4th best matchup for opposing WRs in Week 12. Higgins failed to score with Chase in Week 11, but he led the team with nine catches for 148 yards and would be the No. 1 target again this week if Chase can’t walk. A key factor in this game is that while the Titans are a top five wide receiver matchup, they are a second-worst running back matchup. Even if Chase makes it back, Higgins is still very viable as he’s been averaging eight goals per game since Week 2 and entering Week 12 with 120 chances to win.


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