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Fri, 25.11.2022 09:40 a.m

Shop Small: Niagara County businesses ready for Thanksgiving weekend

Part II of II

By Joshua Maloni


November 26 marks the 13th annual Small Business Saturday. Developed by American Express, the concept is “dedicated to supporting the diverse local businesses that create jobs, boost economies and improve neighborhoods across the country. Small Business Saturday was created by American Express in 2010 in response to the most pressing need small business owners have: to attract more customers.”

This is part two of NFP’s series about local traders. Additional profiles are available online at


It’s been nearly five years since cannabidiol (CBD) became legal for sale to the general public, and consumers have learned a thing or two in that time. Over-the-counter hemp products don’t get you high, but they can help relieve pain, stress, and anxiety.

What people may not know is how CBD can help achieve homeostasis.

According to the One Hemp Holistics website, “The endocannabinoid system (ECS), made up of cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoid molecules, and their metabolic enzymes, is a critical molecular system that the body uses to maintain homeostasis. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between the use of hemp-based CBD products and the functioning of this molecular ECS system.”

Owner Kari Bullman said, “It’s pretty simple, to be honest, because your receptor system, your endocannabinoid receptor system, is spread throughout your body. So if you look at a chart and you see — we have these bubble charts throughout the store that show that “I came here for pain, but it’s going to impact my anxiety as well.”

“It’s a pain reliever; it is an immunosuppressant; it is anti-inflammatory; it is antibacterial. I mean, from a synergistic point of view, the whole plant has a synergy too. CBD is the main molecule; then there are smaller endocannabinoids, and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of them, along with these smaller cannabinoids like CBG, CBN. They all have these qualities. So when your receptor systems take over this entire plant, your body achieves homeostasis because it affects every regulatory, physiological system you have. You are less anxious; you have less pain; You have less inflammation. Your endocannabinoid system can really regulate that with the hemp product.”

It was this knowledge that prompted Bullman to open her Niagara Falls store in 2018.

“We specialize in the therapeutic properties, health benefits, and possibilities of hemp-derived CBD,” she said. “So people who come into our store really get a thorough education and they don’t just go into a big retailer and get a tincture or a jelly bean and don’t really know how to use it.

“We have specialized in this. And honestly, we went into the business on purpose because we know the benefits of hemp. It was a passion for us to get into the industry and continue to farm it – sort of a seed-to-sale scenario. That’s what we do. We started as a retailer, went on and got our license to grow hemp and also to manufacture hemp. So people who enter our store will receive a seed-to-sale product. You know the source.”

In fact, the products sold at One Hemp Holistics are exclusive to the store.

“What I like about our approach – and we’re still kind of a small retailer – is that you get specialized care the moment you walk in the door. We make our customers our family,” Bullman said. “We didn’t want to carry any other private labels; we wanted to do it ourselves.

“It’s special that everything you buy from the store – everything that comes into the store – is grown locally and made locally by us. I would say that makes us really unique.

“And we stand by our product 100%. When you walk into the store and see one of us, you know we’ve personally touched the product.”

Something else that might surprise readers – “And what’s really cool about our business – is that we have a handful of doctors who refer people to us; because doctors are definitely more on board with how hemp interacts with the body, and the safety and non-toxicity of hemp for broader disorders like anxiety and pain, arthritis, immunosuppressive support,” Bullman said. “When pharmaceutical remedies don’t work, they really go for more natural, holistic approaches.”

Customers can try these hemp-based CBD products over Thanksgiving weekend.

“We have little freebies while supplies last,” Bullman said. Patrons can request a sample 10-mL topical product or a five-count gummie.

There are also $50 gift cards with a $10 bonus.

“It’s always a great gift,” Bullman said.

“And then we have gift ideas, more style products like candles, bath soaps,” she added. “The gummy bears are a great purchase for people who are like, ‘I want my mother-in-law to try this. But I don’t understand a tincture or a capsule; give me something she would understand.’

“We have tea, we have body stuff. These slightly more practical things too, so people can try CBD.”

One Hemp Holistics is located at 2023 Military Road, Niagara Falls. Visit online at


About Small Business Saturday

November 26th is the 13th annual Small Business Saturday proudly supported by American Express. Small Business Saturday was launched by American Express in 2010 in response to the most pressing need small business owners have to support the diverse local businesses that create jobs, boost economies and improve neighborhoods across the country: get more customers.

This national holiday shopping tradition is designed to celebrate small businesses and draw more customers through their doors on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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About Shop Small

Shop Small is a year-round movement that supports small, independent businesses and raises awareness of the valuable and special contributions they make to their communities and the economy. Shop Small celebrates small businesses ranging from retail stores and restaurants to gyms and salons and everything in between. The Shop Small movement was spurred on by the widespread participation in Small Business Saturday.


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