Star Wars: Andor shows exactly why Cassian was a standout character in Rogue One

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in the prequel series Star Wars: Rogue One Andor

The final of andor brought everything together in one war of stars Way fans are already sharing their love for the first season. For me, the series was always something that made me happy because I saw it Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I loved Cassian the most. I left the theater and immediately bought Cassian Andor Funkos, and while I thought I probably wouldn’t see him again, he was one of my all-time favorite characters in the franchise.

Jump forward to the announcement that Cassian would be getting his own series on Disney+, and it just made sense to explore this character more in the time leading up to his sacrifice to the rebellion. what it’s about Andor as a series is that Cassian is the kind of character that’s on the ground floor of the rebellion, so we can explore a new aspect of the franchise with him.

But the reason Cassian really works as a character isn’t just because he’s new and fresh. This is also due to the performance of Diego Luna.

Diego Luna’s power

When you see Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, you can immediately feel the pain Cass experienced. You know his fight and the fight in him, so when, in Villain One, he says he has been in this fight since he was 6 years old, you can feel this anger at the life that was taken from him. With Andorwe see the family that Cassian loses on the way to the Death Star plans.

We see him first looking for his sister, and then we meet Maarva and learn of the death of his adoptive father, Clem, and it keeps superimposing itself on the character that we already know Cassian is. With each new development, we know that they all paint the hero we step into Villain One.

But it’s through Luna’s performance that we see how desperate he is to rally to the rebellion by the end of season one. In the beginning, he’s still just fighting for himself and trying to get answers he wants, but in the final moments of season one, he stands in front of Luthen and asks him to go with him in this fight.

But why is Cassian a fan favorite?

cassian andor looks over his shoulder

I wish I knew what about Cassian made me instantly fall in love, but I just did. I sobbed knowing that he had sacrificed his life to rebellion while his name didn’t live on in the original war of stars Trilogy. He seems to have forgotten about the fight, but that didn’t change his willingness to fight back against the Empire.

Cassian Andor sacrificed so much in his life beautiful, and we’re only at the end of season 1 of Andor. Knowing what he loses in the end? That’s going to make it a lot harder to watch Season 2 as someone who loves Cassian the way I do. But there is one thing Andor that’s been crystal clear: it works because Cassian is a brilliant character.

He will always fight back against the Empire even if he doesn’t really want to and he will always fight and that’s why I love him so much and I’m just so happy to have a whole next season with Diego Luna as Cassian Andor .

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