Strange World Movie Cinema Score Hits 30-Year Low For Disney Animated Films

In a previous opinion piece, we suggested that the Disney animated film Strange World might have been doomed. According to Variety, Disney’s Strange World movie continues to perform poorly at the box office. In fact, the poor performance broke a series for Disney animated films. As reported by Screen Rant, “Strange World” officially ended Disney Animation’s CinemaScore ratings series by scoring fewer than any other Disney animated film in 31 years. The market research company CinemaScorewhich polled cinema audiences after seeing the film revealed that “Strange World received a B

At school you might have enjoyed a B. Despite this, Disney animated films cemented their expected place on the roll of honor. Well, until this movie came out. This score makes it the first-ever film from Walt Disney Animation Studios to score below an A- on CinemaScore’s metrics. CinemaScore began surveying viewers of Disney animated films in 1991. Strange World movie poster

Strange World received a prime holiday week release date. Even so, the results so far in terms of gross sales look disheartening. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever remains a box office hit during the Thanksgiving (USA) holiday week. However, “Strange World” seems to fail. As of Wednesday, the film “grossed a disappointing $4.2 million on Wednesday as it faces a five-day projected gross of less than $24 million.” If the production of this film cost Disney around $ 180 million, then these numbers at the box office predict financial failure. Those numbers are well below last year’s Encanto. Things are looking worse for Strange World, as those numbers for Encanto should also be considered low.

On perspective, the film industry is still showing signs of damage from closures due to COVID. The cash register figures for the holiday weeks have fallen by at least 10% across the board compared to the previous year. With box office sales roughly half what they were this year for the same week in 2019, the film industry still faces a tough road.

Also, Disney appears to be conflicting with its movie schedule. In 2019, a holiday week before COVID Thanksgiving (US), box office sales were led by Frozen II. This year, a Disney/Marvel film released two weeks earlier leads sales by opening the animated film in a holiday week. Did Disney give Strange World little chance of success with Avatar: The Way of Water coming out in a few weeks?

During the Chapek era, animation was less important, does that just fit the mold?

With Bob Iger returning at the helm of Disney, will animated films flourish again? Has speculation that Disney might not be able to market this animated film caused its sales to slump?

What do you think? Please leave us a comment below to let us know what you think about Strange World.

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