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The holidays are a great time to get together with loved ones over a table or board game, and Amazon has deals to make game night a success during their Black Friday sales. With prices up to 50% (and sometimes even higher), players get two games for the price of one and have even more options. Watch after stranger things and what want to see Dungeons and Dragons everything is about? Grab a tabletop game for every budget and become the next dungeon master.

Amazon Prime members continue to enjoy expedited shipping and, in some cases, can get same-day delivery on certain options, meaning game night can often be the same night they place their order. Table games and board games are great ways to escape and be creative, but failing to take advantage of these amazing deals is a dice roll buyers can’t afford.


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Hasbro betrayal in the house on the hill

List Price: $28.79

Sale price: $55.99 (49% off)

Hasbro Avalon Hill Betrayal at the House on the Hill Amazon Product Shot 3rd Edition

Get ready for a night of mystery, murder and betrayal with the third installment of Hasbro’s best-selling board game, Betrayal At The House On The Hill. Up to 6 players must work together to survive the night in an ever-changing haunted house where the player competes against their fellow players as the night progresses, creating cooperative play that is as spooky as it is entertaining.

The excitement of Betrayal at the house on the hill comes from its modular board pieces and stunning artwork that ensure no game night is ever the same. With 50 different horror scenarios, each night players spend in the haunted house offers another unique horror story. An Amazon reviewer claimed, “The characters and storyline were engaging and fun. It took the six of us about an hour to play. There are many scenarios so we can play it over and over again without losing interest.”

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List Price: $49.00

Sale price: $30.00 (39% off)

Catan board game Amazon product photo

The famous strategy board game is here at an unbeatable price, making it the perfect time to buy Catan and see why it’s been popular for decades. Four players help settle the island of Catan, building their wealth through cunning trades, with robbers and rivals at every turn.

Players develop their land, build roads, and strengthen infrastructure by accumulating resources such as bricks, wood, and grain through a dice and card system, with no two games ever being quite the same. katan It only takes a few minutes to learn, but provides years of fun with expansions that only add to the rich gaming experience.

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List Price: $39.99

Sale price: $20.00 (50% off)

Disney Villainous board game Amazon product shot

Buyers who have always wanted to be a Disney villain can now live out their evil fantasies with Disney’s Villainous, a 2019 Game of the Year winner in which up to six players become Maleficent, Ursula and other fan-favorite villains from Disney’s favorite can animated fairy tales.

Grab one of the lovely character tokens and play out a specific villain’s target, taking out Disney heroes and heroines with fate cards as you move around the board. The massive savings not only mean that becoming a villain is easier than ever, but it’s also easy to learn, and there are other games in the Villainous series that add to the fun.

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Jumanji Deluxe Edition

List Price: $54.99

Sale price: $27.50 (50% off)

Jumanji Deluxe Edition board game product photo

“In the jungle you have to wait for the dice to show 5 or 8…” The Jumanji Deluxe Edition takes players on an exciting quest through the jungle, solving puzzles and riddles and facing countless dangers without losing life counters. With a push of the electronic button in the middle of the board game, the player can be guided by the next puzzle that appears on the surface, just like in the game from the movie.

The player who gets to the middle of the jungle wins, but if one of their opponents loses all their life counters, all players lose! Once players start Jumanji, they must complete it or risk being drawn into the game – forever! “The game tries to give you a ‘real’ Jumanji experience,” said one Amazon reviewer, “and it’s probably as close as it gets.”

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Note Disney Villains Edition

List Price: $33.99

Sale price: $26.38 (22% off)

Clue Disney Villain Edition Amazon product shot

The board game staple just got a wicked upgrade with Clue Disney Villains Edition, the crime mystery game that puts Disney villains on the crime scene. Instead of Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick, it’s Jafar in the potions room with the poison vial. Players move their tokens through the hideouts of all the villains, including Gaston, Lady Tremaine and others, while trying to figure out who stole certain magic items.

While certain villains aren’t playable, like Maleficent, see her face on the die and draw a Chaos card to fight with other players. Will they reveal their magic items or summon a secret passage to escape?

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The biggest thieves in Lankhmar

List Price: $36.75

Sale price: $29.80 (19% off)

The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar Table Game Amazon Product Shot

fans of Dungeons and Dragons Tabletop gamers will love The Greatest Thieves In Lankhmar, a sword-and-spell game that sees you navigating the basements beneath the thieves’ house, sneaking across the rooftops of the City of Seven Thousand Smokers, and making your way to the palace make of the overlord .

The box set includes everything players need to complete an adventure campaign spanning multiple sessions, as well as lore books to extend the immersion. The beautiful design work takes players into a mystical fantasy world full of fun and excitement.

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Attractive people

List Price: $20.00

Sale price: $15.50 (23% off)

Drawsome People board game Amazon product shot

Drawsome People is a great party board game for those who like a really hands-on experience. It lets players doodle their favorite pop culture icons, celebrities, and even their fellow gamers. Players don’t have to be great artists to play – the worse the doodles, the funnier the game.

“We have a few non-game gamers in the family,” read one Amazon review, “and this is the first game everyone lives for! Even the bad artists find this game fun. It’s worth the money.” With mechanics that encourage creativity and socializing, it’s the perfect gift for buyers looking to introduce a simple board game to their next game night.

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The Game of Life: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Edition

List Price: $30.99

Sale price: $10.99 (65% off)

The Game of Life The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Edition Amazon Product Photo

Life just got a lot more fun with The Game Of Life: That Wonderful Mrs. Maisel Edition! Based on the popular Amazon series, the game transports players to 1950s New York where they can immerse themselves in the locations of each fabulous episode.

As they say, if you can make it in the Big Apple, you can make it anywhere, and players will be able to pursue their dreams all the way to Park Ave, and if they’re like Mrs. Maisel, players will want to be a well-known comedian. With these huge savings, it makes a great gift for anyone The wonderful Mrs. Maisel Fan!

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Monopoly: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Edition by Marvel Studios

List Price: $21.99

Sale price: $16.99 (23% off)

Monopoly Marvel Studios The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Edition Amazon product shot

All the fun of the classic board game with a superhero twist is packed into Marvel Studios’ Monopoly: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Edition, which puts Marvel fans right in the middle of the action and saves the world alongside The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Avengers.

Players can grab their favorite Marvel characters like Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson and use them to purchase iconic traits from the MCU, as well as items like Wakandan technology. Regardless of their age, Marvel fans will love stopping the forces of evil and recreating famous events from the MCU films.

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List Price: $19.99

Sale price: $12.74 (36% off)

Checkers board game Amazon product inclusion

Anyone looking for an extra gift for the holidays can always count on Checkers, the classic board game that’s great fun with little instruction. Whether young players brush up on their motor skills or experienced players focus on their strategy, it’s always a great experience for the whole family.

Just unfold the board, grab the black and red tiles and start trying to jump over other players tiles to collect them and win the game. Best of all, the board folds into quarters, making it much easier to store than previous versions and a great addition for road trips or vacations.

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