Teams eliminated at World Cup 2022: Updated list of nations eliminated at FIFA Qatar 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off with 32 teams battling to reach the final on Sunday 18 December. Only two will get there, and one gets to lift the trophy.

Over the next few weeks, all other nations will pack up and head home from Qatar after failing to fulfill their ultimate dream.

The competition started with a group stage and the field ends up being cut in half with only 16 teams making it to the knockout stages (see the full World Cup schedule here).

The knockout rounds are a series of single-elimination matches in which a winner must be determined that day. If the teams are tied after 90 minutes, 30 minutes of overtime will be played and if the tie still exists, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

  • group stage: Sun 20 Nov – Fri 2 Dec
  • Round of 16: Sat, Dec 3 – Tue, Dec 6
  • Quarter finals: Fri, Dec 9 – Sat, Dec 10
  • Semifinals: Tue, Dec 13 – Wed, Dec 14
  • Final: Sun, December 18th

With so many teams involved The sports news will follow the teams as they are eliminated throughout the tournament in Qatar.

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Teams from the World Cup: All nations eliminated

The table below will be updated throughout the tournament as teams fall behind. The last eliminated team is at the top.

As of Thursday, November 24th, not a single team has been eliminated.

nation FIFA
open open open open open

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How many teams take part in the World Cup?

Since the 1998 edition of the tournament, 32 nations have qualified for the biannual FIFA Men’s Championship.

That should change.

Starting with the 2026 World Cup in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), the field will expand to 48 teams. The group stage consists of 16 groups of three teams with 32 teams that advance to the knockout stages.

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Be careful not to increase the players’ workload, the total number of games in the tournament will increase from 64 to 80, but the number of games for a single team will not increase.

The maximum number of games that the winning team will play at the 2026 World Cup is the same as in 2022: seven games in total.

In 2022, teams will play three group matches, followed by a maximum of four knockout round competitions for teams that reach the final or third-place match. In 2026, the eventual winners will have seven games left: two group games and five in the knockout stages en route to the cup.


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