Thanksgiving Rumblings – News for November 24th, 2022

We don’t normally rumble on public holidays, but I wasn’t reminded until I put this all together, so here we are! has each team’s top rookie-of-the-year contenders for 2023:

Royals: Drew Waters, OV (No. 7)

Waters is sitting on exactly 45 days of service, which means he hasn’t exceeded the minimum required to lose rookie status, so he goes on the list. The 23-year-old switch-hitter looked like he could languish at Triple-A with the Braves, but shifted gears after being traded in early July, producing a .295/.399/ line in 31 games with Omaha 0.541. In the majors, too, he was an above-average hitter (125 wRC+) on 109 plate appearances, as well as showing good speed and a strong arm. Assuming KC saves him a spot on the turf, Waters has the tools to build a strong MLB sophomore season.

From MLBTR, some of the improvement to the Royals’ pitching could come in the form of improved catcher defense:

In terms of framing, the problem seems to be more chronic. FanGraphs has only given him a positive note in this department once, during the abridged 2020 season. He has scored -19.6 and -12.6 in the last two campaigns, bringing his career record to -106.5. This is the last in the majors among all catchers from 2011 to date. Baseball Prospectus is quite similar, as Perez has been tagged with a negative number every season except 2013 and 2020, with -14.3 and -14.2 over the past two years. Statcast framework data only goes back to 2015, but they don’t like his work either. Aside from an even zero in 2020, he’s got all the negative numbers there, including a -8 this year, fifth worst in the league, and a -18 last year, the most recent dead.

All of this is not to say that Perez is solely to blame for the club’s pitching woes. As previously mentioned, baseball teams have dozens of coaches and analysts, all of whom play a role in the results. But those numbers are certainly not ideal when trying to mold a range of pitching prospects into effective major leagues. It’s also possible that health plays a role as Perez underwent surgery on his left thumb in 2022. He was due to be out for eight weeks but returned after just over a month and may not have been 100%. If better health translates into better results in 2023, that would be fantastic for KC. But if this is not the case and the problem persists, finding a solution will present several challenges.

Jayson Stark describes what to watch in this year’s Hall of Fame vote, including first-time inductee Carlos Beltrán ($):

But as someone who has just spent time in Houston covering the World Series, I have this bulletin for Beltrán: There’s a better chance America will forget to watch football on Thanksgiving than America will see the underhanded acts of the Astros 2017 forgets.

So here’s the question, as Beltrán makes his debut on this ballot: Will voters punish Beltrán (and future Astros stars) the way they punished (and continue to punish) the stars in the good old performance-enhancing drug galaxy?


That’s basically it. It’s a slow time of the off-season.

Shout out to the German World Cup team. I don’t care if they won or not.

The only other news relevant to the World Cup: All beer that should be sold there will be shipped to Siegerland.

Melvin Gordon has made an interesting decision on how to say goodbye to Broncos fans.

Today is the tenth anniversary of the Butt Fumble (actually it was the 22nd, but it was Thanksgiving, so sue me).

This year’s Chiefs are historically good at converting third-and-long ($).

UMass holds on to this week’s College Football Bottom 10.

Despite appearing in only three events this year, Tiger Woods ended up at the top of the 2022 PGA TOUR Player Impact Program. He will be at the top every year until he retires.

This week’s rental opportunity: You can sleep in your kitchen for a cool three grand a month.

The slow death of Twitter is brought about by one of its main characters.

Belgian authorities are unable to keep up with the amount of cocaine seized.

It’s time political parties stopped ignoring young voters.

Is it true that some children are naturally “good” at math?

Do you want to impress your family with strange knowledge? Here are some historical misconceptions to debunk while enjoying Thanksgiving.

Your song of the day is Coming Home by Seven Lions (Festival Mix).


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