The 13 best match 3 games of all time

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One of the nice things about video games is that they come in bite-sized forms so you can enjoy them on your phone. Like those match 3 games!

#13 Marvel Puzzle Quest

Given the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re trying to translate it into different game genres. That includes the match 3 genre Marvel Puzzle Quest. The unique twist here is that it’s not just a puzzle title. It’s an RPG.

Specifically, you can play as your favorite MCU characters and participate in stories and campaigns through the puzzle gameplay. The characters have special abilities that affect the puzzle board, so choose the one that suits you best and get to work!

And as the MCU grows, so does this game! So you have something new to do almost every day.

#12 Puzzle Quest 3

If you are looking for a match 3 game with more theme and story, give it a try Puzzle quest 3. In the title, you choose your character class and venture into the realm of Etheria.

There are monsters in this area that you must fight. But you won’t fight them in a typical RPG battle. Instead, you’ll face them off in 1v1 puzzle battles that make you think before you act. Because in order to defeat the enemies, you can’t just form a set of three. You have to think bigger. Get the best combos to unleash your character’s best moves.

Improve your character over time, play in co-op with others or fight for dominance against your friends!

#11 TwoPoints

Here is another game for those who want to have a story adventure along with their fun. in the Two points, play Emily and Jack, two “points”, on an adventure through a wild tundra. However, the gameplay here is a bit different than the others on this list. Instead of just lining up three dots, you need to connect three or more.

This gives you more freedom and creativity to complete levels. Try to make the biggest chains you can and then watch what falls out of it so you can do it all over again! With many lands to explore and puzzles to solve, the game will have you tested in no time.

10 Farm Heroes saga

In Farm Heroes Saga you embody various “farm heroes” as you try to save the crops from a wily raccoon who is trying to take the crops for himself!

To get ahead of the raccoon you need to match and collect the crops to keep them safe. Then you have to plan ahead through various power-ups and boosts and make the most of each level. Don’t worry if a level doesn’t go your way. The game has hundreds of stages that you can try and see if you can overcome them all.

Do you think you’re smarter than a raccoon?

#9 Triple City

Here is a match 3 game that will require you to think carefully about each move if you want to get the desired result. in the triple city, you build a city and if possible turn it into a city. But how do you build a city in a match 3 game? Simply, you combine three things, resulting in you creating something.

So do your best to make things your way so you can make your city something to be proud of. Take it slow and see how big you can make your city!

#8 Mystery Match

If you’re looking for longevity in your match 3 titles, how about a title that comes with 1700 levels? Mystery Match is this game and it will weave a mystery for you as you solve each puzzle.

You are Detective Emma Fairfax who, with your help, will solve mysteries and mysteries around the world. Each puzzle advances the story. Soon you’ll find clues, meet friends or foes, and solve cases.

Pay attention to everything around you, both in the puzzle modes and beyond. You won’t get bored with five different types of puzzles in the game spread across the 1700 levels. So dive in and solve the mystery!

#7 Tasty story

How about a game where you combine ingredients to prepare meals?

Any level of Tasty story shows your chef trying to take orders for his customers. The fast-paced gameplay lets you collect the necessary ingredients to prepare each dish. Then move on to the next one!

As you travel from place to place, you’ll meet a variety of characters and learn to cook more dishes! Also, there are over 1000 levels to try, so you’ll be cooking quite a bit.

If you want to show off your culinary skills, challenge your friends and try to climb the leaderboards! Order it!

#6 Homescapes

How about a different title that is different from the rest? in the homescapes, you play Austin, a man trying to renovate a mansion. The twist here is twofold. First you have to decide what you want the house to look like while playing the game so that you literally build the mansion of your dreams.

Second, you have to combine 3 in your way to make it look the way you want. Then match the right pieces and watch your house take shape.

Also, there are secrets in this house that you want to discover. So explore it and the road you are on. Meet new people, pet the cat and more as you bring the place to life.

#5 Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon as a franchise has expanded into many different genres, so do Pokemon shuffle for the Nintendo 3DS was just the next logical step.

The game puts you in stages where the goal is to fight and catch Pokémon! However, you only have a limited number of moves that you can use to catch them. So, with no time limit, be the Pokémon trainer you were meant to be and exploit their weaknesses so you can catch them! The game has a lot of stages and battles to offer, so you’ll be invested for a while when you get it.

That being said, the 3DS eShop will end in March 2023, so get it before it’s gone!

#4 Jeweled Lightning

A lot of the games on this list are all about getting through the level, plain and simple. jeweled lightning, however, brings a fun and quick twist by putting you on the clock.

Now you have sixty seconds to collect as many points as possible before the clock runs out. So you have to think fast yet strategically to get combos, bonuses, etc.

When you’re done playing, you can check out the multiplayer action and compete to be at the top of the leaderboards! The game is fast and furious, and updates frequently so you can revamp the look, sound, etc.

#3 Tiny bubbles

No, we’re not talking about the famous Hawaiian song; We’re talking about the award-winning game Tiny Bubbles.

The game puts you in the role of a fish trying to burst all the bubbles in each level. This may sound easy, but the levels are getting harder and harder. Also, you’ll have to use bubble physics to determine how to get the best chain reaction out of them.

That means you have to inflate or deflate bubbles, merge a few to create new colors, and so on. With hundreds of puzzles to solve, you will invest some time in this game. Are you ready to burst her bubble?

#2 Angry Birds Match 3

Yes, they stole their eggs again! Will these pigs never learn? Note: They won’t. They never do.

Angry Birds Match 3 puts a match 3 twist on the classic gameplay and sets it in the world of other classic mobile games. But another twist is that you will not only save eggs from the pigs. You will hatch them.

With your new hatchlings you will dress them up and take them to new worlds. The more you get, the more areas you can explore. And the better you do in each round of puzzles, the more birds you can summon to help you kill the pigs!

#1 Candy Crush Saga

That candy Crush Saga is one of the most successful video games of all time. Think about it for a moment.

The game should not be complex. You combine the candies so you can crush them and earn points. But people are so obsessed that they spend money on it like they have nothing better to do! trust us You have better things to do; why do you have to fall for his machinations!?

Aside from the faint of heart, the simplicity of this game inspired many others. But due to its popularity, it’s still the king of match 3 titles. So we bet some of you will want to play it after reading this.


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