The 3 most important things we learned from Bills vs. Lions

The ensuing Squib kick at kickoff, followed by a series of side punches from the Lions, was finally ended when Detroit DB fumbled CJ Moore after time was up and Bill’s TE Quintin Morris regained it, sealing the Buffalo victory.

“We didn’t have the best start, but you keep rolling the punches,” Diggs said. “Things won’t be perfect. We just had to try to get on the same page. Every week is different. So you reinvent yourself, but you have the same mindset and you go into the game that we wanted to run high level. Things weren’t perfect, but we managed.”

Buffalo’s offense struggled to gain traction for much of the game, but their last two drives were very efficient. As impressive as her game-winning drive was, her previous goal drive with nine minutes remaining in regular time was textbook efficiency.

“We started clicking,” Diggs said. “I feel like we ran the ball so efficiently that we probably don’t pass as much as we used to. Motor blasts it out of the box so a couple of those extra passes that might give us a bit of a rhythm (wasn’t there). We just have to keep working on it in training so that we’re sharper when the passing games come.

Her 14-game, 90-yard drive with nine minutes left on average was so efficient that Buffalo never finished third in possession. Diggs, who had four receptions for 29 yards, including the five-yard touchdown to cap it, had an interesting theory about why the first three-and-a-half quarters were a series of fits and starts.

“I feel like we’re finding the balance, the true balance,” Diggs said of the offense. “We’ve been pretty pass-heavy over the past few years, but Motor and all the running backs are doing such a great job that I feel like we’re finding other ways to win. And it actually helps us. At the moment we may not be that sharp in other areas, but we are working on it. Every year is a new year and I feel like we’re growing as we move forward.”

Buffalo didn’t quite find the same balance between running and passing that they did against the Browns five days ago, but Diggs is right. The running game is taking shape and becoming something the offense can rely on. Offensive line coach Aaron Kromer has worked tirelessly with offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey to put ground attack in a reliable spot and appears to have accomplished it at just the right time.

Yes, there were signs of a capable rushing attack earlier this season, but Buffalo has now averaged more than five yards per carry in each of their last four games, and while Allen was the leading rusher on Thanksgiving, that was five days ago not the case .

The Bills offense will always lean towards the pass due to Josh Allen’s exceptional talent, but to have a running game that they can lean on at all times in a game and that opponents need to respect should they find it harder to defend the distance.


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