The cause of a leak in Midtown apartments is under investigation as residents begin to return home

Residents of a Midtown apartment complex return to their homes Wednesday morning after being evacuated due to a carbon monoxide leak.

More than 250 people living in The Venue’s apartments were forced to find alternative accommodation Tuesday night after dangerous levels of carbon monoxide were found in the building.

MORE: 4 animals dead, 5 people hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak at apartment complex

Local residents said the discovery started with panic when a person alerted neighbors after finding their dogs dead.

“I heard my neighbors. She started screaming, ‘My dogs are dead, my dogs are dead.’ She starts banging on the walls and says, “Something’s wrong with the apartment. Everyone out!’” said local resident Yadi Garcia.

This was followed by a startling text message from the rental office: “EVERYBODY PLEASE EVACUATE THE BUILDING.”

A spokesman for the Memphis Fire Department said the carbon monoxide leak could have come from a boiler that was being repaired.

A firefighter who was at the scene was taken to a hospital in non-critical condition.

Four pets died and five people were hospitalized during the incident.

Residents returned around 7am Wednesday, some with damaged doors and broken windows.

One resident told FOX13 the situation is very scary “because I live here with my daughter. She was just scared, she thought the house was on fire, she said, ‘All the Christmas presents!'”

Firefighters reportedly had to tear down and replace doors before residents could return.

Residents said they were still dealing with heat issues from the boiler, an issue the complex shared on Nov. 15, and acknowledged the heater was off.

On Tuesday, a statement from management said the hot water would be shut off while repairs were made to the boiler.

One resident said he didn’t have a timetable for when the hot water and heating could be turned back on.

“We haven’t had hot water or heating at all for about four to five days,” they said. “It’s warmer outside than inside the building.”

Some tenants said they still fear for their safety, even though sleeping in the cold is uncomfortable.

The Venue apartment complex sent a statement to FOX13 News on Wednesday afternoon. It reads below:

“Currently, the gas to the building is off until we can determine the cause of the leak. This is a very active investigation, but our primary concern is the safety of our residents. We will turn the gas back on as soon as we are told it is safe to do so. As soon as we receive more information, I will let you know.”

Crews from the Memphis Fire Department responded to a gas leak at The Venue Apartments on Central Avenue on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Crews from the Memphis Fire Department responded to a gas leak at The Venue Apartments on Central Avenue on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

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