The devil in me | How to keep everyone alive

The Devil in Me is the fourth installment in Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology series, and as with previous games, you’ll probably want to focus on keeping everyone alive to the end of the story. With that you get it happy end Trophy/Achievement. But with all the choices and story beats unfolding, it can be quite a challenge. So we’ve put together everything you need to know to get out of The Devil in Me with all the characters alive and well.


Unless you’ve completed The Devil in Me at least once, or don’t mind having the plot or key events spoiled, please read no further. In order to provide the information needed to keep everyone alive, we must address certain details that spoil the story. you have been warned

Note: This is just a series of solutions to keep everyone alive. There are other combinations that work that also keep them alive.

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The devil in me | Keep everyone alive with QTEs

If you’ve played a Dark Pictures game before, you know that Quick Time Events (or QTEs) play a key role in keeping people alive. There are four standard types to be aware of, as well as a few new ones to watch out for. The defaults are:

  • Standard keystroke – Press the required face button input on the controller within the time limit
  • button pulp – Keep pressing the same key within the time limit
  • Aimed hit – You have to aim with the right stick of the controller and then hit with the right trigger button
  • Heartbeat – Press the correct face button in time with the heartbeat.

Note: There are many moments in the game where the Heartbeat QTE is used. So it’s worth familiarizing yourself with it so as not to get stuck later in the game.

The new QTEs are:

  • Hide – These require you to quickly move to a specific spot (most likely run there – that’s LB on a controller) and then press the specific hide button (LT on a controller). Then hold it down until the threat is over. While hiding, you cannot be detected.
  • balance – In some situations you need to cross a narrow bridge and your characters need help balancing. You’ll need to balance their balance – using the right stick on a controller – to help them cross it. If they don’t, they will fall and, in some situations, die.

All of this is presented separately in the game’s prologue and early missions, and can be practiced there with minimal impact on the story. Completing all of the QTEs in the game will dramatically reduce the chance of someone in your party dying. So it pays to know and practice them. Alternatively, if you find them too difficult, you can lower the difficulty at the beginning of the games or toggle some QTE options in the accessibility options in the settings menu to make things easier.

Important decisions to keep everyone alive

Take the inhaler and use it

The devil in me keeps everyone alive

Your first step in keeping everyone alive in The Devil in Me takes place in the Blackout chapter. After Erin has to explore the hotel in the dark with her microphone, she will end up locked in a room alone. After panicking, she is confronted by a figure who offers her an inhaler. Choose to take the inhaler instead of attacking. Attacking the character will not end well for Erin.

Once Erin has the inhaler as an inventory item, take it at moments when she’s out of breath or having trouble breathing. That will keep her alive.

Hide in the closet at the Silver Ash Institute

After Erin finishes exploring the Silver Ash Institute, Erin will hear Jamie’s voice from a mannequin. She will tell her that she is in danger and needs to hide in a closet. You have to listen to her and hide in the closet. If you choose the Run option instead, Erin will die.

Select the grate in the incinerator

Once trapped in the incinerator, Charlie has two choices: pry open the door or lift the grate. You must select the grate. First he will fight, and then you will get a second option. Select the grate a second time, and eventually he’ll pull it out and get inside. He looks finished, but this option actually saves his life.

Choose to kill Kate

The devil in me keeps everyone alive

If you have to choose between Kate and Erin when they are trapped in the room that is losing oxygen, choose to kill Kate – and thus save Erin. As Kate gasps, she will notice the window is losing air and Mark will break the glass, saving Kate as well. If you choose to kill Erin, she will die.

Make a note of who has the screwdriver

If you are in the Director’s Suite and develop your plan to catch Du’Met, Kate can keep the screwdriver or give it to Jamie. It doesn’t matter who you give it to, because there is a solution that you choose. But if you want to improve Kate and Jamie’s relationship, give Jamie the screwdriver.

Make sure whoever has the screwdriver gets crushed

After the plan to capture Du’Met goes awry, Kate and Jamie find themselves in a room with a moving glass wall. It will start moving towards Jamie. Assuming you gave Jamie the screwdriver then select “Defiant” when given the talk option and Jamie will announce that she is not playing the game and will not press the button.

You will then get the Aimed Hit QTE event to press the button. Aim away from the button or just wait for the timer to expire. Jamie won’t press the button and the wall will keep moving to crush her. The screwdriver Kate gave her will save her life.

Alternatively, if Kate has the screwdriver, make sure Jamie pushes the button and the opposite happens and the screwdriver saves Kate’s life.

Rescue Jamie on the roof

The devil in me keeps everyone alive

After Kate performs many QTEs to escape Du’Met’s clutches, you’ll find that he somehow manages to reach Jamie on the rooftop instead. Kate can choose to escape or help Jamie. You must help her or Jamie dies from Du’Met.

Run when you are in the barn

When you enter the barn with Erin, Jamie, and Kate (the one outside with the axe), you’ll have a few decisions to make. They can barricade the door, but it won’t last long. Erin will yell at you to run, and you’ll have the option to run or climb. You must run with Erin or she will end up dying alone. So make sure you select Run and all three will survive.

By the lighthouse on Charlie’s side

The devil in me keeps everyone alive

As Erin explores the Silver Ash Institute, she spots a tape recorder behind some moving blinds. Playing it reveals a recorded message implying that Charlie is involved in the group’s murder.

Later in the story in the Lighthouse, when Erin confronts Charlie about this, as Mark, side with Charlie and when in doubt, agree with him or bad things will happen.

Survive the boat fight

The culmination of the story and your quest to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me is a fight on the boat. The easiest way to save everyone here is to be ready for QTEs and pass them all. Erin and Charlie must survive one button press QTE and they will survive automatically.

Jamie can choose to just jump off the boat and she will survive too. She can also stop and fight, but that doesn’t change anything. Kate can also attack Du’Met or just jump. Jumping still means Mark can survive, but hurts their relationship if things like that bother you.

Mark then has to succeed in QTEs to hurt and subdue Du’Met before finally killing him. Finally, for Mark to escape, you need to perform one last button press on QTE to jump off the boat before it hits the rocks and explodes.

You’ve now completed The Devil in Me and managed to keep everyone alive while having the bag full happy end Trophy/Achievement.

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