The restaurant owner is grateful that Patrick Mahomes saved his business

The Kansas City Chiefs have a fan base across the country with support in most of the major cities that have their own football teams. John Brown BBQ owner Josh Bowen prides himself on his restaurant’s delicious Kansas City-style BBQ serving up a little bit of the Midwest to New York City residents.

Chiefs Wire’s Ed Easton Jr. recently sat down with Bowen, who shared his reaction to the celebration at the restaurant after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV and its impact on his business weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“Yeah, I mean it was crazy. It’s already the most packed it’s ever been,” Bowen said. “We were far, far beyond the fire safety regulations. And the craziest thing was – our experience is that we have a back patio area with a TV – probably half the people were back there. And I don’t know what happened, like the splitter overheated or something. But the TV went out in the back, which is like the only TV, so everyone crowded into an already insanely crowded house. And then Damien Williams got that touchdown probably about 30 seconds later and it was all chaos from that point on, which was great. So, good times. I’m hoping for a few more.”

John Brown BBQ is known for its tagline, “The Official Kansas City Chiefs Bar in New York City,” which accompanies its Kansas City BBQ meals. Alumni like Tony Richardson and Dante Hall have come to watch games with the Chiefs’ loyal fan base.

The 2019 Super Bowl winning run brought in a significant number of customers before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a significant help for the future of the restaurant.

“[The Chiefs]also saved my business in New York City,” Bowen said. “We had two restaurants back then and basically the Super Bowl, running there was by far the busiest day we’ve ever had. And that happened two weeks before it all went to hell. For example we have sent our employees home what their full salary is and how they like it, even a bit more for those who haven’t been able to get their full salary or don’t have what we might call a safety net. So yeah, basically,[Patrick Mahomes]kind of like – he saved us. Because I know other people — they just didn’t speak to their employees for six months and tried to pay them nickel after nickel because no one thought they were going to shut down and stop making money.”

The steady stream of Chiefs fans who found a home at John Brown BBQ during that magical postseason run helped keep the business afloat during uncertain times. To this day, Bowen credits Mahomes and the Chiefs with saving his business.

“But yeah, man, Patrick Mahomes saved my restaurant,” Bowen said.

John Brown BBQ is located at 27-20 40th Ave, Queens, NY (Long Island City) for the many members of Chiefs Kingdom who live in New York City.


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