This week’s best new Android games

It’s finally a week since our last roundup, so this week it’s time for the best new Android games. If you fancy playing some new games on mobile, this is your chance to snag the latest and greatest releases.

As always, we may have missed a game or two in this list. If so, please mention it in the comments below. Unfortunately, this is a week mostly filled with duds, but we’ll list them anyway.

Let’s get that on the list. These are the best new Android games released in the last seven days. We hope you find some new goodies.

Best New Android Games: Pokémon TCG Live

Not technically a full release, Pokémon TCG Live is currently in its open beta phase. This complete remake of the Pokémon TCG mobile game is a huge step forward for the mobile TCG.

In this new version you have a customizable trainer to represent yourself. Overall, the game’s presentation is a marked improvement over the original. The lack of a landscape mode is a pity.

Still, Pokémon TCG Live could one day make our list of the best Android card games. Finally, receiving a digital pack of cards with every purchase of a physical deck is a very promising feature.

If you want to join this global beta, follow this link here!

World 5 A-side Football

World 5 A Side Football is a serious football simulator and simple football management simulation for mobile. If you’re into simplified versions of SEGA’s brilliant Football Manager, this might be worth a try.

Swipe Studios’ new footie simulator, available for free, is a very simple time. With incredibly simple graphics, there really isn’t much here if you’re not a fan of The Beautiful Game.

Despite this, the name has 480 players in 32 nations. You can control parody versions of iconic players like Lionel Messi and Christiano Roalnado or Lionel Messy and Christiano Ronaldonut.

If you want to try the game, check it out here.


KnockOut is an interactive quiz game, a live quiz game brought to you by ITV Sports. If you are a hardcore footie fan this is the game for you! If not, maybe skip this section.

In KnockOut, in-game tournaments take place live against other players. Every major tournament starts right after a real game, so you can continue the excitement long afterward.

The key to winning in KnockOut isn’t knowing everything about football, but rather being able to answer quickly. Of course, you still need to know the answers. However, getting in quickly is the key to victory.

If you want to offer the game for download, follow this link to the Google Play Store. On the other hand, you may find more suitable games for you below.

The free week

The Week Off, a new text adventure game, is a cheap little title for Android. Developed by Raevoun, this game is essentially a miniature life simulator.

Priced at £0.79, this is a very affordable mobile title. Still, there’s quite a bit of content to play through if you’re a fan of the genre.

For those who love alternate endings, there’s plenty to collect here. In the spirit of Stanley Parable, there are 40 different endings to experience. In addition, there are plans to add new endings in the future!

You can pick up the game right here!

These are the best new Android games of this week

Well, that’s the end of our weekly recap! Don’t forget to let us know of any games we missed in the comments below. We are always looking for new games!


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