Tim Allen’s Disney+ series The Santa Clauses adds religious themes

Tim Allen
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Actor Tim Allen, an outspoken Christian and conservative, has incorporated religious themes into his latest project. The comedian reprises his role as St. Nick in The Santa Clauses, a six-episode series that aired last week on Disney+. Although the series is based on Allen’s Santa Clause film trilogy, it focuses more on the real reason for the Holiday season.

Allen, 69, is facing a setback for the new series. After his character said ‘Say’Merry Christmas to all’ has suddenly become problematic,” comments on social media sprayed. “Santa had the red hat the whole time and we just ignored him,” one person wrote, referring to Make America Great Again hats.

Tim Allen: Christmas is literally a religious holiday

In The Santa Clauses, Allen’s character Scott Calvin (aka Santa Claus) retires and is looking for a replacement. According to the synopsis, Calvin finds “that he is slowly losing a step in his stride Santa Claus responsibilities, and more importantly, he has a family that could benefit from life in the normal world.”

Two episodes aired last week, with the third scheduled to air on November 23. According to Allen, most of the religious elements appear in the last two episodes. “It’s really wonderful,” he says. “They took a risk and we did really well.”

Though Allen didn’t reveal exact plot details, he says, “We don’t have to blow trumpets, but I want you to acknowledge that [Christmas]. That’s what this is about. If you want to be Santa, you have to go back in history, and it’s all about religion.” The actor, who also serves as executive producer, says the Disney+ series “originally had a lot of otherworldly characters, ghosts and goblins . I said no, this is Christmas. It is Christmas. It’s literally a religious holiday.”

Being conservative in Hollywood is tough, says Tim Allen

It’s been 16 years since Tim Allen’s film “Santa Claus 3”. Other career highlights include starring roles on the sitcoms Home Improvement and Last Man Standing.

Though he’s known for his comedy, Allen’s life hasn’t always been one for laughs. When he was 11, his father was killed by a drunk driver. Allen later fought along alcoholism and addiction, and in 1978 he was arrested for cocaine possession. After pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges, he served more than two years in federal prison.

For years, Allen struggled with his faith, admitting he was “constantly a cynic,” even when he went to church. Eventually, he wished for a relationship with “the one who built me ​​up” because it “didn’t happen by accident.” Now Allen refers to God as the builder.


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