Top 3 mobile games that must be an animated series

With the introduction of the Game Awards’ Best in Adaptation category, which recognizes the best show, film or series from a video game, animation studios now have an additional accolade alongside mainstream accolades like the Oscars and BAFTAs to get hold of. While most movie adaptations come from PC or console games, we think there’s room for animated movie adaptations for mobile games as well. Well-polished characters, great storylines, and intrigue aren’t monopolized by PC and console games, after all, and the mobile games in our list rival even the best mainstream games for character development and compelling storylines. These three mobile games need to be turned into an animated series, movie or anime show as soon as possible. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO+, Disney+, Peacock or Paramount – they all need to take note.

Three mobile games that must have their own anime or cartoon series


GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is the most recently released mobile game on our list. In this game, humanity is being forced into a single haven on earth called The Ark while mysterious machines called the Raptures have taken over the world. The game revolves around a newly minted Commander (the player character) who commands a group of NIKKEs – humanoid weapons resembling androids – in a fight against the Raptures to take back humanity. NIKKEs obey their commanders and are programmed to put people’s welfare first at all times and to protect people, even if it meant giving up their own lives.

While the developers of Level Infinite used an alluring and fast-paced character design to entice players to try out NIKKE, beneath its sexy surface lies a truly deep story of survival and kinship. The Commander’s relationship with the NIKKEs is explored in-game, as the player differs from other humans in that they treat NIKKEs like humans rather than weapons. The game’s intrigue about the true nature of the Raptures and their purpose on Earth drives the game’s secondary storyline, as the main story follows the Commander’s missions, which are sent to the surface by the CEOs to compete for military corporations, who often have conflicting goals.

NIKKE already has a great animation team working on the CGI art of the characters, complete with CGI cutscenes at key moments in the game’s story. This mobile game is just waiting for a suitable animation studio to turn this mobile game into an animated series as it has all the qualities that you would look for in an anime series turned game.

Download GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE for Android and iOS.

2. Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is another newly released game that was only released in August. Tower of Fantasy brings players to the world of Aida, humanity’s new home after being expelled from Earth due to dwindling resources and lack of energy. In this alien world, humans live in sheltered settlements far from the alien creatures that still lurk just outside the door. Tower of Fantasy follows the story of a wanderer who explores the world and helps the characters in the game to understand the mysterious resource known only as omnium, either contains it or uses it for the benefit of mankind. While controlling a customized character in-game, players can also assume the forms of other characters in-game by utilizing their simulacra when wielding those characters’ weapons. This allows players to continue to identify with their characters even as they switch between weapons in-game, which its inspiration, Genshin Impact, doesn’t offer.

Often compared to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy has a lot to prove as a game lest it be overshadowed by HoYoverse’s more popular title. Regardless of what you think of the game itself, Tower of Fantasy’s world and stories make it a definite candidate for an anime adaptation. While Tower of Fantasy’s story and storylines aren’t as thick and powerful as the other two shows on this list, it shines when it comes to character design and development. Tower of Fantasy features a slew of popular characters that are as relatable as they are powerful. Tower of Fantasy has successfully won the hearts of many fans around the world and may continue to do so once something like Netflix or Amazon Prime decides to create an animated show based on this mobile game. One can dream, right?

Play Tower of Fantasy on Android, iOS and PC.

1. Genshin Impact


Franz Christian Irorita ·

Franz Christian Irorita ·

Franz Christian Irorita ·

Of course, we can’t talk about animated series adapted from mobile games without including perhaps the most suitable title for this list: Genshin Impact. Since its launch in 2019, HoYoverse has done a great job of creating an interesting world in Teyvat inhabited by compelling characters, each with their own lives and stories to explore in the game. Additionally, the game features a story that contains a healthy mix of comedy, intrigue, drama, and lore. Not only does the game offer a compelling main story, but also a whole host of personal stories from its various characters, as well as side stories that put some full games to shame.

If you just watch HoYoverse’s multitude of story-related videos on Youtube, you’d get the impression that the company has really spent a lot of time curating a world for players to enjoy, with lore stretching across Spanning hundreds if not thousands of years, complete with realistic depictions of different cultures in the game.

In Genshin Impact, players take control of the Traveler, a seemingly important character who is missing some parts of her memory. The Traveler is an extraterrestrial character from the world of Teyvat, searching for his siblings who were separated from them in battle against one of the gods of Teyvat. As a result, the Traveler searches for the seven Archons of Teyvat, who seek their help in finding the Nameless God and reuniting with their long-lost sibling. It later becomes clear that all is not as it seems and that the Traveler may be lost not only in location but also in time as the search for his sibling evolves into a battle against fate, the gods and relationships they built with the people of Teyvat.

While this list includes two mobile games that must have their own animated series, Genshin Impact actually already has one on the way. Back in September, HoYoverse announced that it would be partnering with animation giant Ufotable to create an animated series that would run long. Ufotable’s involvement pleases many fans as it is a popular animation studio that did a great job in adapting the Demon Slayer manga into an animated series. Ufotable’s expertise is making battle scenes look amazing and with what we saw in Demon Slayer we are sure they would also be able to bring the fighting power of Genshin Impact characters to life in anime through hand-drawn animation to awaken eventually comes out.

Unfortunately, HoYoverse hasn’t committed to a release date for the Genshin Impact animated show, and we haven’t heard much news about this collaboration since its initial reveal in September. However, we are very optimistic about the final product whenever it comes out. Genshin Impact’s lush story coupled with its colorful cast of characters will definitely make for a great anime just waiting to happen.

Play Genshin Impact on PC, Android, iOS and PS5.


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