Trainwreck collects $1.5 million in winnings from a bet on the World Championship

Trainwreck, the famous gambling streamer and Twitch star, announced that he has secured a big win at the 2022 Worlds games.

World Cup bet earns Trainwreck $1.5 million

Although the 31-year-old is generally known for streaming slots, he also has a talent for sports betting. Trainwreck is known for his high stakes slots, but this time he bet $25,000 in BTC on four games of the recently started World Championship. And that bet paid off as the famous streamer correctly guessed four games, a move nobody expected. As usual, the high risk paid off, earning Trainwreck a hefty $1.5 million payout in this particular case.

In all, the streamer had to guess four games to win a whopping $1.5 million from his $25,000 bet. It was highly unlikely that Saudi Arabia would win against Argentina, however this was Trainwreck’s first successful bet following Saudi Arabia’s 2-1 win over Argentina.

Then it was very unlikely that the match between Tunisia and Denmark would result in a draw, but this was the second result that Trainwreck correctly guessed. Similarly, the famous streamer guessed the tie for the third game, Mexico vs Poland, which is the third correct result. Although Trainwreck had the option to cash out earlier for a lower price, he didn’t. The fourth and final game he had to guess was France vs Australia. The game ended in a 4-1 victory for France, marking the final correct score that Trainwreck guessed. As a result, the famous streamer raised a total of $1,574,660.32.

The streamer is criticized online

When Trainwreck announced his recent World Championship win, he was criticized when an online user urged him to “show the losses, not the wins”. The famous streamer responded online and said that 99.9% of its streaming shows losses. Additionally, Trainwreck added that he is always transparent about his gambling activities and especially about losses. In addition, the famous streamer urged his audience not to gamble, saying that “all gambling loses, especially sports betting”.

99.9% of my streaming life shows losses, if you only see or see the 0.1% then you are ad**bf**k, I am very transparent on gambling and the reality of his losses,

wrote Trainwreck

Back in October, Trainwreck dropped a bombshell saying he made $360 million from gambling streams. At the time, he claimed he made around $360 million in the last 16 months alone after signing a streaming deal with Stake, the famous crypto gambling website.


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