U Mumba 20-34 Tamil Thalaivas Highlights, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Thalaivas jump to 5th place with a win over U Mumba

Hello and welcome to Sportstars coverage of the U Mumba vs Tamil Thalaivas game.

The action for the night is not over yet. Follow: Telugu Titans vs. Patna Pirates, Live

The first encounter is underway, the results will be as follows Mumba vs Tamil:

FULL TIME UPDATE: Tamil Thalaivas defeated U Mumba 34-20.

20-34 Narender goes into the last raid and makes sure he touches the white line and does what is necessary to finish the game on the same score! A sublime victory for the Thalaivas.

20-34 Sagar gets his eight point! He just can’t be stopped today. Understand the point of Jai Bhagwan.

20-33 Narender gets Rinku with a sliding toe touch in the do-or-die raid.

20-32 Guman Singh in the ambush and Mohit jumps on him and almost attacked him but he crossed his leg over the halfway line and Guman got a point.

19-32 Guman Singh brings Himanshu into the raid.

18-32 Rinku surrenders to Narender, and with that, Mumba was sent out for the second time that day.

18-29 Sahil Gulia and Abhishek lunge at Sachin, who came in the all-or-nothing raid to attack him for a point.


18-28 Narender takes the point from Shivansh Thakur in the do-or-die raid to extend the lead back to 10 points.

18-27 Pranay Rane goes into the raid and tries to jump over Sagar, but he’s too good to outrun! He gets his seventh point today!

18-26 Anjikya Pawar fails in do-or-die raid for second time Mumba gets another SUPER TACKLE! Keep playing as they say!

16-26 Sagar gets his sixth tackle point of the night, this time taking Ashish on defense.

16-25 Narender goes in front of a three-man defense on the do-or-die raid, and this time he’s been attacked. Mumba gets two points over a SUPER TACKLE.


14-25 Sagar gets Guman Singh with a diving ankle hold.

14-24 Ekrami shows his pace in the do-or-die raid, but Sagar was well placed to tame him and gets his point on defense.

13-23 Narender escapes the chain tackle with a brilliant and timely dubki to take the point from Harendra Kumar.

13-22 third SUPER TACKLE from Tamil Thalaivas as Sahil Gulia this time is the man holding Ashish from behind who came in the all or nothing heist.

13-20 Ajinkya Pawar comes back into the do-or-die heist and this time he fails as Rinku catches his ankle very timely and doesn’t give him a chance to move.

12-20 Ashish in the do-or-die raid and escape back to his side of the court with two crucial points from M. Abishek and Himanshu Singh.

10-20 Ajinkya Pawar goes into the do-or-die raid before a four-man defense and he makes it a three-man defense by hand-touching Mohit.

10-19 Jai Bhagwan goes too deep into the raid and Thalaivas’ defense can’t go wrong today as they lunged at him to tackle him for a point.


10-18 Himanshu initiates the SUPER TACKLE this time on Guman and a brilliant performance from Thalaivas to win in difficult situations.

10-16 Narender gains a bonus along with Rinku’s toe touch in the do-or-die raid.

10-14 Guman Singh listened to his coach who told him to play free and he plays free jumping going back into the hold up with two points. Mohit and Sagar have to go.


8-14 Captain Sagar shines again on defense as he pulls off another brilliant tackle, a SUPER TACKLE Guman Singh for two points to be precise.

8-12 Pawar was attacked by Mohit in the do-or-die raid and Mumba returns to the game.

7-12 Jai Bhagwan to rescue Mumba as he takes two points from Himanshu and Sahil Gulia in the raid.

5-12 Ajinkya Pawar in the raid, and he goes back with a bonus, but the sentence was quickly overturned. So no points for Pawar.

5-12 Narender got caught by U Mumba’s defense!

4-12 Himanshu, along with Sahil Gulia, attempts a chain attack on Guman Singh and they are successful in their attempt.

4-11 Narender is attacked by Rinku this time.

3-11 Mohit tackles Guman Singh and that Thalaivas defense roars loud tonight.

3-10 Pawar while cleaning up a Thalaivas when he takes both Shivansh Thakur and Rinku with him inflict an all out on Mumba fairly early in the game.

3-6 Himanshu attacks Ashish to reduce Mumba in court with two men.

3-5 Sagar leads by example as he takes Guman Singh and pushes back the all-or-nothing raid.

3-4 Narender comes into the do-or-die raid and a sloppy defense against Harendra, and Narender takes it out of both hands to deny going out in this raid.

3-3 Jai Bhagwan goes in the do-or-die raid for Mumba this time and he tries to get a bonus and gets it and then he got attacked trying to do a sliding toe touch.

2-2 Coming into the do-or-die raid, Ajinkya Pawar will be eager to score some points and he’s doing it in style, taking a bonus first and getting the running hand touch from Mohit.

2-0 A bonus for Guman Singh for starting proceedings in the raid as well.

1-0 A solid start to U Mumba’s defense as they lunged at Narender to attack him in the first heist of the game.

throw update

U Mumba won the draw, Thalaivas will raid first.

Players to watch out for

You mumba: Rinku

Tamil Thalaivas: Sahil Gulia

Lineups out!

You mumba: Rinku, Jai Bhagwan, Ashish, Guman Singh, Shivansh Thakur, Harendra Kumar, Mohit

Tamil Thalaivas: Narender, Ajinkya Pawar, Sahil Gulia, Sagar, Mohit, M. Abhishek, Himanshu

previous encounter

U Mumba defeated Tamil Thalaivas in the previous encounter on October 14, 32-39.

Head-to-head record

Played: 8 | U Mumba: 6 | Tamil Thalaivas: 1 | Draw: 1

U mom

Lost 27-41 to Dabang Delhi

Hit 30-23 UP Yoddhas

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 39-32

Lost 28-30 to Puneri Paltan

Beat 32-31 Haryana Steelers

Lost 32-42 to Bengaluru Bulls

Beat Gujarat Giants 37-29

Beat Bengal Warriors 36-25

Beat the Telugu Titans 40-37

Lost 31-34 to Patna Pirates

Lost 39-42 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Beat Puneri Paltan 34-33

Beat the Patna Pirates 36-23

Lost 22-32 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Lost 26-32 to Telugu Titans

Tamil Thalaivas form

Drew 31-31 against Gujarat Giants

Lost 22-27 to Haryana Steelers

Lost 32-39 to U Mumba

Beat Patna Pirates 33-32

Lost 28-45 to Bengaluru Bulls

Lost 24-41 to UP Yoddhas

Beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 38-27

Beat Dabang Delhi 49-39

Draw 41-41 to Bengal Warriors

Beat the Telugu Titans 39-31

Beat Puneri Paltan 35-34

Lost 34-35 to Puneri Paltan

Lost 34-40 to Bengaluru Bulls

Tie 31-31 to Patna Pirates

Beat Bengal Warriors 35-30


U mom

U Mumba is currently sixth in the points table with eight wins and seven losses. Guman Singh has been in good form for the Mumboys as he has 99 raid points so far. Ashish and Jai Bhagwan added good value to U Mumba’s raid unit, scoring 67 and 51 raid points, respectively. On defense, Rinku was a standout player for U Mumba with 41 tackle points. He had the support of experienced Surinder Singh and Mohit, who had 31 and 26 tackle points respectively, while Harendra Kumar also contributed with 21 tackle points for U Mumba.

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Tamil Thalaivas

Tamil Thalaivas find themselves in eighth place after beating Bengal Warriors last night. The team led by Sagar has six wins, six losses and three draws. Narender was the top choice for the Thalaivas with 162 raid points. Their raid division also has the likes of Ajinkya Pawar and Himanshu Singh who scored 59 and 32 raid points respectively. Meanwhile, Sagar has taken over the Thalaivas’ defense with 43 tackle points. The skipper is assisted by Sahil Gulia, who has 36 tackle points, while M. Abishek contributes with 28 tackle points.


You mother

Robber: Guman Singh, Ashish, Heidarali Ekrami, Ankush, Kamlesh, Shivam, Pranay Rane, Sachin, Rupesh, Kamlesh, Jai Bhagwan,

Defender: Rinku, Surinder Singh, Harendra Kumar, Shivansh Thakur, Prince, Kiran Magar, Rahul, Satywan, Mohit, Satyawan, Rahul Sethpal

all-rounder: Gholamabba’s Korouki

Tamil Thalaivas

Robber: Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Ajinkya Ashok Pawar, Sachin, Himanshu Narwal, Himanshu Singh, Narender.

Defender: Sagar, Ankit, M. Abhishek, Ashish, Md. Arif Rabbani, Himanshu, Mohit, Sahil Gulia, Arpit Saroha.

all-rounder: Visvanath V, Thanushan Laxmamoha, K Abhimanyu.


The U Mumba vs. Tamil Thalaivas Pro Kabaddi Season 9 match will be streamed live on Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar on Tuesday, November 22 from 7:30 p.m.


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