UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: Download Full PDF

UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: Download the latest Economics Sample Paper released by UPMSP for the 2023 UP Board Class 12 Exams.

UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: With the 2023 UP Board exams just months away, students are nearing the final phase of their preparation: solving sample work. Understanding the concepts is important, but using them to solve tricky questions is also important. Many students have a good understanding of the subject but fail the actual exam. However, knowing the right syllabus and exam pattern and solving sample papers in advance can help students pass the exams.

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Economics is a crucial subject that not only teaches students about how the world works, but is also useful in daily life. That is why students from all fields of study in class 12 choose economics. But doing business is not child’s play. It’s very conceptual and hard to understand. The exam questions are even more confusing. This is where sample papers come into play. Solving sample work gives students a taste of the competitive environment of the exam and helps them think clearly and write concise answers.

The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad, also known as the UP Board, has published model papers for all Class 12 subjects for students to come for the 2023 Board exams. And so we bring you the sample paper, general instructions and exam pattern for the UP Board Class 12 exams in 2023. You can also download the full UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023 at the bottom of the article in PDF format.


  1. All questions are mandatory.
  2. On the other hand, the points assigned to each question are awarded.
  3. Questions 1 to 10 are multiple choice questions.
  4. Questions 11 to 18 are very short answer types, each with a 50-word answer.
  5. Questions 19 to 24 are short answers, each of which must be answered with 150 words.
  6. Questions 25 to 27 are long answers, each of which must be answered with 300 words.

1- Which of the following fields of study are studied within the framework of microeconomics?

a) Single unit

b) economic aggregate

c) national income

d) None of this.

2- If marginal utility is zero, total utility is –

a) reduced

b) increased

c) maximum

d) at least

3- What happens if production is shut down?

a) Fixed cost increases.

b) Variable costs are reduced.

c) Variable costs become zero.

d) Fixed costs become zero.

4- Marginal revenue is the rate of the variable in

a) Total sales

b) total costs

c) Average turnover

d) average cost.

5- In the long run, the normal price is the same-

a) marginal utility

b) Average cost

c) production expenses

D. None of the above.

6- When supply increases, price-

a) is not effected

b) will increase

c) will decrease

D. None of the above.

7- Allahabad Bank is-

a) Foreign exchange bank

b) commercial bank

c) Central Bank

D. None of the above.

8th- Credit money expands when ERR is on

a) reduced

b) increased

c) fixed

D. None of the above.

9- Functions of money are-

a) Medium of exchange

b) Unit of account

c) store of value

i.e. All of the above.

10- “Money is the linchpin around which all of economics is grouped,” it says

a) Prof. pigou

b) Prof. marshal

c) Prof. Keynes

d) Prof. Ham.

(very short answer type questions)

11. What is the main difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics?

12. Define the meaning of production in economics.

13. Give the definition of the production function.

14 What is meant by marginal cost?

fifteen. What is the relationship between average cost and marginal cost?

16 Explain “land revenue”.

17 Write a note about “government excise tax.”

18 What do you mean by revenue expenses?

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Economics is the study of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Economics is a science that is thousands of years old. Markets, inflation, growth, consumption, production and business are all part of economics.

It is necessary for the proper functioning of the world and also helps students succeed in life. But first you need to pass your board exams with flying colors as this provides a good basic base and will help you get into good colleges. So study hard and don’t forget to solve the UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023.

All the best!

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