VinoTastr – The world’s first wine flavor technology company

VinoTastr offers breakthrough flavor science that will help you increase sales, increase wine club loyalty and enhance the customer experience. Within minutes of testing your client, VinoTastr identifies one of five unique profiles in a fun and engaging way.

Sweet avenger
Hearty Crusader
advocate of the body
Balance Ambassador
Tannin champion

Backed by a decade of scientific taste receptor research, VinoTastr measures the current expression of your individual taste receptors and subtle differences in your specific perception of different tastes. Using four specific taste test strips and a proprietary scoring algorithm, VinoTastr reveals your individual wine taste sensitivities that influence your unique preferences.

Which VinoTastr profile are you?

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VinoTastr – The science behind your sip

Our story began more than a decade ago with medical research related to the influence of taste receptors on innate immunity to upper respiratory diseases. Our team’s scientific research has led to discoveries that could change the world through more effective treatments in the future.

How does our history relate to the wine industry? Easy.

Our scientific research involves measuring the phenotypic (current) expression of human taste receptors to determine subtle differences in taste perception. One day our team, all a little curious about wine, had a realization: What if these individual taste perceptions were responsible for the different wine preferences?

The answer to our question led to the birth of VinoTastr – a simple, affordable, scientifically-derived prediction tool that helps people choose wine without bias.

VinoTastr reveals individual wine taste sensitivities with a fast, intuitively simple and engaging taste test strip test. Results are scored using a proprietary, research-based scoring algorithm that aligns with wine preferences.

Our VinoTastr test can help the wine industry attract new customers and increase sales with existing customers by:
– Offering an outstanding, memorable wine experience that fosters brand loyalty
– Targeting wine sales to scientifically tested consumers to increase satisfaction while encouraging positive reviews and curbing negative ones (scientific target marketing)
– Increasing consumer confidence in their wine choices and willingness to try new wines
– Expanding the wine community by expanding the knowledge of all wine drinkers based on the science of taste
– Provision of a dry tasting guide

VinoTastr is the world’s first wine flavor technology company. We’ve built on science to advance the technology of taste.

Our mission is to be a trusted and independent partner in the wine industry, using the science of taste.

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