Vision Council publishes survey results on the use of technology and telemedicine in optometry

November 23, 2022

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The Vision Council has published the results of its Focused inSights 2022: Digital Habits Survey highlighting recent developments in telemedicine and increased use of technology in optometry, according to a Council press release.

The survey, which asked participants about their digital device use, online purchasing habits, social media use, and telemedicine experience, was conducted in August 2022 and included responses from 3,102 US adults.

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Nearly all respondents to the Vision Council survey reported making an online purchase. Source: Adobe Stock

“Survey results show that American adults spend a significant amount of time using digital devices, with 80% reporting some symptoms of digital eye fatigue.” Alysse Henkel, Senior Director of Market Research and Analytics at The Vision Council, in the press release. “Almost all respondents had made an online purchase, with convenience being the driving factor behind why they shop online. Two-thirds of American adults have bought something online in the past week. And when it comes to online eyewear shopping, more than half of consumers have bought eyewear online at least once. Additionally, online eyewear shoppers are satisfied with their purchase, with 90% saying they would buy eyewear online again.”

Other key findings were that a third of users booked eye appointments online and most were happy with the experience. Additionally, while 31% of respondents were familiar with telemedicine services, only 12% used them for ophthalmology. Among those who have not yet used telemedicine services, half of those surveyed were interested in the service in the future.

The survey also found that social media is crucial for consumer research into eye products, with 40% of consumers using various platforms to research eyewear information and 36% using social media to learn about eye care product suppliers.


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