What are the best movies to watch on Thanksgiving 2022?

Although many celebrate Thanksgiving, not everyone knows where the holiday came from and why it is more important than Christmas. On the fourth Thursday of November each year, there are several holidays and activities for Americans of all backgrounds. There are many ways to celebrate the holiday.

A nice family dinner with the usual fare (like oven-roasted stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes and gravy), a fun board game, or just a movie to remind you of the reason for the celebration are some of them. It has become a habit to get together to share food as it is a way of showing appreciation.

The date commemorates the first harvest the first British pilgrims had in 1621 after a long and harsh winter. For three days, they celebrated with the Wampanoag natives of northeastern Massachusetts. Abraham Lincoln was responsible for the official birth of the holiday in October 1863, in the midst of the Civil War.

Best Thanksgiving 2022 Movies to Watch

knife out (2019) Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Benoit Blanc, a ruthless detective, investigates the death of an elderly crime writer at the deceased’s mansion. Benoit must navigate the traps and lies concocted by the novelist’s eccentric family and servants.

The blind side (2009) Available on HBO Max.

Based on true events. Michael Oher, a young black homeless man, is taken in by a white family willing to give him all their support so he can succeed both as a footballer and in his personal life. For his part, Oher’s presence will also affect the life of the Touhy family.

It’s a beautiful life (1946) Available on fuboTV and Amazon Prime Video.

George Bailey is an honest and humble citizen who runs a small family bank and keeps it afloat despite attempts by a powerful banker to ruin it. On Christmas Eve 1945, overwhelmed by the sudden disappearance of a large sum of money that would mean not only the bankruptcy of his bank but also a major scandal, he decides to commit suicide, but when he is about to do something extraordinary happens.

When Harry met Sally… (1989) Available on HBO Max.

During their trip from Chicago to New York, Harry and Sally debate whether or not sex ruins a friendship between a man and a woman. Eleven years later, they’re still no closer to the answer. Can a man and a woman just be friends? Harry thinks this is impossible, while Sally is convinced of the opposite.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) Available on Apple TV+.

Turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie… and the Peanuts gang to share them with. It’s going to be the biggest Thanksgiving ever! The fun begins when Peppermint Patty invites herself and her friends over to Charlie Brown’s house for a REALLY big turkey party. Good mourning! All our hero can cook is cereal and maybe toast. Is Charlie Brown doomed? Not when Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock step in to save (Thanksgiving) Day. With such good friends, Charlie Brown – and all of us – have so many reasons to be grateful.

Turkey Drop (2019) Available on fuboTV.

A young woman suspects her high school boyfriend will break up with her when he returns from Thanksgiving. To avoid the pain, she decides to take charge of her life and steps out of her comfort zone.

You have mail (1998) Available on fuboTV and HBO Max.

The owners of two competing bookstores don’t know they’re having a virtual affair. When they discover the truth, they must keep their business rivalry from interfering with their growing personal intimacy.

April Pieces (2003) Available on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

Quirky and rebellious, April Burns lives with her boyfriend in a cheap apartment in New York City, miles from her emotionally distant family. But when she finds out her mother has deadly breast cancer, she invites the clan over to her house for Thanksgiving. While her father struggles to drive her family into town, April – an inexperienced cook – gets into trouble in the kitchen and has to ask a neighbor for help.

Vacation in the wilderness (2019) Available on Netflix.

Kate embarks on a second solo honeymoon in Africa when her husband ends their marriage. After she and Pilot Derek rescue a baby elephant, Kate takes care of him and realizes how much she loves her new surroundings.

Airplanes, Trains & Cars (1987) Available on Outstanding+ and fuboTV.

A shower curtain salesman and executive are on a flight to Chicago, but a storm forces them to land in Kansas. Now they must travel the road together to get home in time for Thanksgiving.

Sweet November (2001) Available on Tubi and Kanopy.

Advertiser Nelson Moss is a self-absorbed and emotionally isolated man. One day Nelson meets Sara, a charming and fearless woman whose passion for life belies his arrogant and determined attitude.

Forrest Gump (1994) Available on Outstanding+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Forrest Gump sits on a bench in Savannah, Georgia, waiting for the bus. While the bus arrives late, the young man tells his life story to the people who are sitting and waiting with him. Although he suffers from a mild intellectual disability, that doesn’t stop him from doing wonderful things. Without understanding what is going on around him, Forrest takes sides with the most important events in the history of the United States.

The pursuit of happiness (2006) Available on Hulu.

Life is a struggle for Chris Gardner. Evicted from his apartment, he and his young son find themselves alone and with nowhere to go. Although Chris eventually lands a job as an intern at a reputable financial firm, the position doesn’t make him any money. The duo has to live in an animal shelter and face many difficulties, but Chris doesn’t give up and fights to create a better life for himself and his son.

Values ​​of the Addams Family (1993) Available on Outstanding+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Morticia gives birth to a baby boy and the family names him Pubis. His brothers Wednesday and Pugsley soon become jealous of the newborn and attempt to kill it.

Mrs Doubtfire (1993) Available on STARZ.

Daniel Hillard is considered a wonderful father by his children, although his wife is fed up with him acting like a kid too. After a messy divorce, Daniel tries to get custody of his three children, but the judge won’t grant it. So he decides to dress up as an older woman and work as a nanny at his ex-wife’s house to spend more time with them. This new role not only allows him to spend more time with his children, but also makes him a better father.

Paul BlartMall Cop (2009) Available on Hulu.

Paul Blart tries to make a living as a security guard at a mall. Nobody takes their job seriously, but Paul has to prove himself when a robber locks the mall doors.

The secret: Dare to dream (2020) Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Miranda, a widow living with her three children, hires Bray Johnson to repair her home after a devastating storm. Bray’s presence revitalizes the family, but he has a secret that could change everything.

little woman (2019) Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg are four sisters traveling through Massachusetts with their mother during the Civil War, a vacation they take without their itinerant evangelical father. During this vacation, the teenagers discover love and the importance of family ties.

National Treasure (2004) Available on Disney+.

Benjamin Gates is an adventurous history doctor on a quest to find the great treasure of the Templars and Freemasons. In the search he will live a series of events very much against him as the original Declaration of Independence is stolen and he is wanted by the FBI.

chicken race (2000) Available on peacock.

This fun stop motion and claymation adventure tells the story of an American rooster who falls in love with a beautiful hen on a British farm. The couple decides to run away from the farm, but they must first face the evil farmer who is trying to keep them under control. The chickens decide to make an escape attempt so they don’t turn into chicken pies.

Vacation (2020) Available on Netflix.

Tired of being single and spending the high points of the year like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving alone, two strangers, Sloane and Jackson, agree to celebrate the holidays together.

free birds (2013) Available on STARZ.

Two turkeys discover a time machine and decide to use it to travel back for the first of Thanksgiving and prevent their species from becoming the main dish on the menu.

The holidays (2006) Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Two women, one from the US and the other from the UK, swap homes over the Christmas period after splitting from their respective boyfriends. Every woman falls in love with a local man, but they discover that their impending homecoming could end their relationship.

give friends (2020) Available on Netflix.

Newly divorced actress Molly, her recently dumped lesbian best friend Abby, and Molly’s mom, Helen, throw a dysfunctional, weird, and chaotic Thanksgiving dinner for their motley crew of close friends and oddball acquaintances.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) Available on Netflix.

Tech billionaire Miles Bron takes his friends on a trip to his private Greek island. When someone is found dead, Detective Benoit Blanc takes over the case.


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