What foods are included in Target’s 2022 Thanksgiving Bundle? details explored

Target, one of the country’s largest retailers, wants you to celebrate this holiday season with an exclusive Black Friday offer. To make Christmas dinner a little more budget-friendly for its customers, the retail chain is selling the Thanksgiving Bundle starting November 20.

The package costs $25 and includes pre-made items for a complete Thanksgiving meal, but does not include desserts or veggies. Customers hoping to turn this into a proper Thanksgiving meal can always add Green Beans for $2.99 ​​and Maple Bourbon Mini Sweet Potatoes for $3.99 to their cart. Other desserts in the retail store include frozen fruit cakes, which start at $5.

Promotional image for the Thanksgiving bundle (Image via Target)
Promotional image for the Thanksgiving bundle (Image via Target)

Customers can get the bundle from their nearest destination or order it online for delivery. However, some of the items in the package may not be available as they are only available in store.

What is Target’s $25 Thanksgiving Bundle?

Nationwide inflation has led to large increases in the price of most products, making the cost of a proper holiday meal much higher than in previous years. From ever-higher turkey prices to supply shortages, many retail outlets have tried to help their customers with budget-friendly options.

All items in the Thanksgiving bundle are available for $25 (Image via Target)
All items in the Thanksgiving bundle are available for $25 (Image via Target)

With an exclusive, limited-time Thanksgiving bundle, Targét is trying to make the holidays warmer for all American citizens. The package costs $25 and includes a range of ready-to-serve items such as turkey breast, gravy, rolls and more to complete your holiday platter.

Here’s a list of the items you’ll receive in the Thanksgiving Bundle:

  • Good & Gather Premium Turkey Breast at $9.90 (at $0.99/lb for a 10 lb turkey breast)
  • Stovetop Turkey Stuffing Mix for $2.49
  • Heinz Home Style Roast Turkey Gravy for $1.99
  • Good & Gather Russet Potatoes for $2.99
  • Good & Gather Frozen Whole Seed Yellow Corn for $0.89
  • Market Pantry Jellied Cranberry Sauce for $1.49
  • Favorite Wheat Bun for $3.99

Customers can get the Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle at their nearest Target store starting November 20th. If the store runs out of turkey breast, you can get a small turkey with the bundle, although that may cost you a little more than the bundle’s $25 price tag.

Founded on June 24, 1902, Target Corporation is an American chain of large department stores that operates in the country as Target. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the chain is the seventh-largest retailer in the United States with approximately 1,931 stores nationwide.

The department store chain specializes in a wide range of everyday products, specialties, groceries and much more. The chain is ranked 37th on the Fortune 500 (2020) list of largest US companies by total sales and serves the retail needs of Americans across the country.

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