What games got you through 2022? | Happy Thanks Gaming Day!

As another year draws to a close, November is always a great month to reflect on what this year has meant to us. If your 2022 was like ours, then it was full of ups and downs, not just in our personal lives but in our gaming lives as well. For this year’s ThanksGaming Day, our employees looked back at the games that brought us joy, inspired us, and in some cases brought us together with our friends and family. Read on to find out which games we were thankful for, then head over to our comments section and let us know which games carried you through 2022 and delight us with your favorite moments.

Garrick DR: Staff – Steam Deck / Final Fantasy XIV

It’s been quite a stellar year for gamers, whatever your preferences. From PC to console gamers to mobile gamers, there was something for everyone this year. I just wanted to take some time and reflect on this gaming year so far and say thank you for what has brought me the most joy and entertainment. Here are just some of the things I’m most grateful for this year.

The Steam Deck launched in February and while it was initially hard to come by, production has finally caught up to meet demand. I finally got my own Steam deck in July and it’s been a pleasure to experience and play my library on the go. There are loads of great games to play on the Steam deck, although unfortunately there aren’t many MMORPGs that work on the deck. I’m still trying to get Final Fantasy XIV to work. Still, I’m very grateful that I managed to get my hands on one, and even more grateful that it didn’t feel like a waste of an investment. I’m curious to see how it develops in the next year and which new (if any) MMORPGs will also be portable.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XIV, the latest patch 6.28 went liI’ve recently expanded the North American data center and new side activities like the Harvest Moon-like island sanctuaries have kept me actively interested in continuing my adventures in Eorzea. Overall, Final Fantasy XIV is the MMORPG I’m most grateful for not just in 2022 but for the last decade as it’s my favorite MMO to play and stay involved in a community. With the 2023 Fan Festival dates recently announced, I’m hoping to finally afford it and join my fellow Warriors of Light in the celebration.

Mitch Gassner: Columnist – Dungeons and Dragons Online \ Warframe \ Path of Exile

This year I have several games to be thankful for. While I can’t seem to stick with new MMORPGs for more than a month or two, I’m grateful for it Dungeons & Dragons Online and war frame for hanging out on my hard drive and creating hours of fun when I’m not engrossed in the latest MMO variant of the month. I am also thankful for way of exile and GGG for reminding me that free-to-play and cash shops aren’t inherently evil. They can easily be corrupted by greedy corporations, but that hasn’t happened to PoE and I’m very grateful for that. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kevin Chick: Writer – Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition

I’ve been wanting to play WotR for a while, and the Enhanced Edition just came out when I needed a game to fully immerse myself in for days. Between the tweaks to some mythic paths and the fun I’ve had running around Golarion as an aspiring lich, I expect it to eat up my free time well into the new year.

At first it was tempting to choose elden ring or Total War Warhammer IIIbut WotR I was just there at the right time and it was a completely different experience than other games I’ve played lately. Also, it was nice to just buy a game with the Season 1 DLCs and immerse yourself in an immersive story. I haven’t even finished my first run yet and I’m already looking forward to the first set of DLCs for Season 2 that were announced earlier this fall.

I usually enjoy playing games from different genres, especially ones with a persistent online community that makes a game feel like a living world. But so many games in 2022 have felt like they’ve implemented unnecessary intrusive money practices. I’m thankful that games like WotR are still being made/supported and a big thank you to the developers who make them.

Joseph Bradford: Editor-in-Chief – EVE Online / LOTRO

This year had its own set of challenges for me and my family that made 2020 a breeze. So it’s hard to pinpoint anything about gaming that I’m beyond grateful for because so much has helped me get through the darkest moments of my adult life.

A few months after a family member was hospitalized, I had the opportunity to go EVE fanfest. It was the perfect escape that allowed me to reflect, relax a little and just enjoy playing and working again. Being with all my favorite spaceship nerds, reconnecting with old friends, and feeling like I was doing something more than just typing on a screen meant the world to me back then. And looking back on it now, months later, it was the first time I started seeing through some of the storm clouds that loomed on the horizon for my family this year.

EVE Online has been one of those comfort games for me this year, and joining a new alliance and corporation has reinvigorated my time in New Eden. but The Lord of the Rings Online is also a title for which I am very grateful again this year. The renewed vigor the team seems to have in updating this title over the past few years has filled me with a renewed love for the MMO. Running around the Shire or the new zones like Swanfleet reminds me so much why it’s my favorite MMO of all time. I am thankful for LotRO both as an escape route and a way to reconnect with one of the best gaming communities. To the future!

Steven Weber: Video / Weekend Editor – Elden Ring / Fallout 76 / MMORPG.COM

As I was preparing this article, the first thing I did was look back at the 2021 ThanksGaming article to see what the past year was like. You see, MMORPGs and many MOGs in general are unique as these games evolve over time. The hallmark of a good game is its ability to engage and interest you Fallout 76for all its flaws and shortcomings, has managed to bring me back year after year.

I could say the new Legendary Power Armor did it, or the inclusion of Expeditions they recently added. I want to say that my insane number of atoms in my account because I forgot I was subscribed to Fallout 1st or the added Legendary crafting system that feels a bit boring at times keeps bringing me back. The reality of the situation is that Fallout 76 is a world that not only feels familiar after 4 years, but it’s also a game for all my friends to dive into and we can always find something together and share things we’ve found for each other. No, Fallout 76 isn’t really a proper MMO, but the cooperative experience is something I keep coming back to.

elden ring is also another game for which I am very thankful. Despite having a minimal multiplayer experience, it was one of the few games I really got into this year and played for pure, unbridled enjoyment. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, I probably cursed too much (and cheered too loud when I succeeded) after several failed attempts to kill Malenia. elden ring was my first Souls-like and it reinforced my intention not to make it my last.

Finally, I would like to thank our staff here at MMORPG.COM. Behind the scenes, from our backend programmer to our administrative, hardware and news editor to all of our freelancers, the work they all did was vital as we look forward to some exciting upcoming changes along with the MOBA network look forward.

And prepare to shoot your incredulous gas exposure, but I’m very grateful to our community. The community on MMORPG.COM is unique in form and function. Our forum posters here are insightful, generally well-informed, and passionate about the genre even at times when it’s not so easy. With nothing but opportunity on the horizon, I personally look forward to each morning waking up and reading the diverse opinions of each of you. I hope you all jump into the comments and tell us about a game you’re grateful for. Happy ThanksGaming to you all and – Happy Posting!


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