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The hive of the internet is full of gossip Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and the busiest online bees pollinate the cyber flowers with tons of questions. They all want to know who will be voicing MODOK in the upcoming movie. But the rest of the hive is buzzing with a question of its own:

Who the $%^& is MODOK anyway?

You can’t blame them for their ignorance. After all, MODOK isn’t the most famous of all super villains.

Where did MODOK come from anyway?

MODOK was originally a man named George Tarleton who was born in Bangor, Maine. Red flag. Every Stephen King fan knows this bad shit always is from Maine. Apparently Maine is the hub from all the darkness in the world. Even that idiot HP Lovecraft knew New England was a bad place.

George Tarleton didn’t exactly add to Maine’s less than stellar reputation. Tarleton worked as a technician for a criminal organization for nerds called AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). As it stands, AIM is almost as bad a place to work as Twitter in 2022. The eggheads at AIM had just finished developing a mysterious object known as the Cosmic Cube, a “containment matrix” designed to help the organization achieve their goal of world domination. So. To study the Cube further, AIM’s higher-ups experimented with Tarleton using mutagenic compounds to turn him into an organic superintelligence.

They were successful and George Tarleton became MODOC (Mental Organism Designed Only For Computing). However, MODOC (like every current Twitter contributor) had some complaints about his treatment at the company. He used his super-intelligent mind to kill his creators and take over AIM, renaming himself MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing). Under MODOK’s super-intelligent leadership, AIM becomes a more formidable threat than ever. Needless to say, SHIELD has to sic their heroes on MODOK and his minions all the time.

So what can MODOK do?

Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing might be a bit misleading like MODOK might many of various things if he just lays his big ol’ mind on it. However, for a being with such a vastly superior intellect, he shows a surprising lack of creativity on this front. MODOK spends most of his time killing people and trying to take over the world. However, his creativity shines through in the diversity of methods He used to introduce people to their Creator.

So MODOK is obviously smart. Smart is an understatement. It has more computing power than Google. Comparing his mind to a supercomputer won’t give him enough credit. If anything, it’s more like a real AI. He’s a super intelligence that has awarenesssomething, that is not present on a human scale. He is able to use logic, intuition and a level bordering on limits precognition. He’s smart enough to be accurate predict the future. He also has hyperthymesia, which means he can remember everything that ever happened to him. Not just everything he has seen or read, all. It is a photographic memory of unprecedented proportions. He basically has Big Brain Energy. Lol nerd.

He can also use his Big Brain Energy to shoot energy beams out of his head. As? Courtesy of AIM He had his subordinates build him a special headband that allows him to convert his mental energy into kinetic energy. In layman’s terms, he can blow things up with his mind. And that’s not all! MODOK is also a powerful telepath and can contact people with his spirit. He is also capable of creating powerful force fields strong enough to withstand nuclear explosions. As a side effect of his mutations he has a gigantic head. It’s so big the rest of his body can’t carry it, so he has to ride around in a hover chair, which sounds pretty cold. The chair is equally cold because MODOK can use it to launch missiles and lasers at people, an advantage he uses often.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, MODOK has the full resources of AIM at its disposal. He has access to advanced weaponry and technology, a team of (less intelligent) scientists, and a private army. whoops He uses AIM facilities to grow clones of himself which he uses for organ harvesting. Eh. If he didn’t do this, he would die, as his own organs deteriorate faster than the organs of other living beings.

What does MODOK want?

A cap in size 41? An XXXL size pillow? A kiss from a mouth his size? Those are all good guesses, but no. MODOK isn’t really a creative guy and he wants the same thing as always: world domination. However, he finds some pretty interesting ways to try and get it. He develops a super virus called Virus X, brings Hulk’s old enemy Abomination back to life, and even creates an army of genetically enhanced monkeys creatively known as the “AI Monkeys”. What will this guy come up with next?

We don’t know exactly what the motivation of MODOK will be in the new ant man movie, but I suspect he’ll either aim for world domination, or maybe some super technology that will give him some sort of synthetic enlightenment, which he’ll surely then use to take over the world. Again, it’s a pretty generic target, but he’s not exactly MODOO (Mental Organism Designed Only For Originality), is he?

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